The Petite Protégée

$ 19.95


Starring Snow Mercy and introducing Violet October

 A strict, smart brunette amazon spanks, straps, paddles and enforces both nudity and traditional sorority discipline on a saucy blonde 21 year old girl brat

After breaking or flouting six sorority house rules, Pledge Penelope (Violet October) is up for a disciplinary review before senior sister Josette (Snow Mercy), who relishes her position as queen bee at Lambda Sigma Zeta. 

Penelope shows little remorse for neglecting her chores, being rude to senior sisters and entertaining her boyfriend in her room at night. So Josette doesn't hesitate to take the diminutive blonde across her lap and apply her punishing hand to the seat of Penelope's pretty peach lace skirt, then her flowered bikini panties and finally, to the smooth white skin of the freshman's bare bottom. With her small, but well rounded seat and surprising pain tolerance, the fair haired brat rebels against her senior sister's authority, by talking back and daring to smile and laugh at the rain of smacks descending on her blushing buttocks.

This overt display of cheekiness only serves to inflame Josette's temper all the more and she soon pulls out her favorite set of leather straps to lick some sense and sensibility into her disrespectful charge.

Having introduced Penelope into the coveted Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority, Josette is responsible for her protégée's behavior and is only to eager to school the privileged initiate in the requirements of the chapter.  Ladylike behavior is prized at the sorority house and to remind Penelope of the importance of proper comportment, Josette employs her favorite wooden hairbrush in the task of further reddening Penelope's rear.

A stool is placed in the middle of the room and the spunky shortie is bent over it, with her bare backside uppermost for a date with the original Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority paddle, which Penelope takes across her bottom twelve times hard before Josette is satisfied that real sorority discipline has been dispensed. (Long time Shadow Lane fans will recognize that this is the same paddle that has been in continue use at the Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority for the past twenty two years, having polished the backsides of every collegiate bad girl from Kiri Kelly and Tanya Foxx all the way up through Dia Zerva and Sarah Blake.)

To increase Penelope's humiliation during the punishment, she is made to change from her pretty frock into a formal maid's uniform, signifying that her servitude to the sorority house is in progress. While spanking, strapping and paddling Penelope into contrition, Josette gleefully informs the hapless pledge that all the senior sisters will have the right to spank her naughty bottom whenever she appears before them in the garb of a humble domestic and that as a result of these attentions, she will be guaranteed a warm and stinging backside all semester long.

Penelope knows better than to argue and even through her pain, embarrassment and discomfort, is finally glad to agree that Lambda Sigma Zeta forever is a motto worth standing up for -- because she certainly can't sit down!

Running time: 39 minutes.

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