The Naughty Flirt

$ 19.95


Starring Violet October
and introducing disciplinarian
Erin Faye in her debut spanking video!

Erin lures her sexy neighbor girl into her house on an innocent pretext, but really, the indignant brunette means to physically confront the vixen next door, for coming onto her boyfriend! Violet has been getting Erin’s guy to do chores, fix things and pay court to her, which leads directly to Erin taking Violet over her lap and spanking her luscious bottom as smartly as she can, as both a punishment and a warning. Erin drives her message home with tawse, paddle and strap.
Shadow Lane is delighted to introduce this serious new female top to our ranks! Violet October is as always, an enchanting little brat.

Running time: 31 minutes.

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