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Here's an end of summer image that should make you smile -- with a belated birthday greeting to the only Bond that matters, courtesy of Brian Tarsis.

About our Labor Day Weekend

Pictured above, Shadow Lane stars Nikki Rouge, Violet October and Snow Mercy, who joined us for our 2015 Labor Day Party weekend.

For Tony, Butch and me, this was the best party we'd had since Palm Springs. With the help of all of our phenomenally hospitable suite party hosts, our Suite Surrender format really worked!

I estimate our final guest count to have been in the 260-280 range.
This was, in every sense, a community effort, with numerous guests opening their suites to the entire gathering. And this cooperation between suite hosts and us, allowed us to pretty much have the run of the 5th and 9th floors and part of the 10th and 8th as well.

The list of fun loving guest-hosts is long and wonderful. There was Dr. Lectr, who literally kept his party suites going 24 hours a day. Remarkable! Joe Lectr also hosted a formal judicial punishment suite for some really serious scenes.

Tom from SF, who not only threw a fantastic pizza party but also hosted the Spanking Court, which was ably officiated by Strict Dave.

Colodom and his lovely wife put on the Newbie's suite, an annual Colodom tradition to help orient first time party goers to the protocol of these events.

Harry Michaels put together a truly impressive collection of top girls and women for the Bad Boys suite, with about a dozen of us handing out spankings and paddlings, strappings and canings, to the deservingly naughty. I noticed that even though every top lady there was administering resounding thwacks across exposed male seats, with everything from heavy paddles to whippy canes, and not lightly, not a single "ouch" could be heard in those two rooms the whole time I was there. It was almost Zen like, in the manner of a big, physical, group therapy session, with all the participants grooving on it fairly soundlessly. (I don't think it would have been quite the same if it were all men administering hard spankings to female recipients. But I may be wrong.)

Brad D. hosted an extremely well attended cigar and chocolate party poolside. Brad also generously paid for the rental of the two excellent spanking benches, brought by local BDSM furniture maker, Mr. B. of Las Vegas. Spanking people really enjoy playing on furniture that has been specifically designed for this purpose. When you're playing on a good piece of furniture, one that is both sturdy and comfortable, it's easy to shut the world out, even if you're in the middle of a crowded room. More spanking Zen moments were achieved in this manner, and this time, the boys were spanking the girls.

Nan and Tom hosted a zany party room, with games and fun as only Naughty Nan can orchestrate. Merlin and The Bad One hosted a jumpin' play suite each night as well. Kyle and Stevie hosted a pajama, wine and cheese party.  Gary from Amateur Spankings hosted a suite party. There was a "littles" party, and there were many private parties, consisting of two to twelve persons, playing more intimately together in dozens of rooms throughout the weekend.

And to top it all off, Bob, Ariele and Calista returned to Shadow Lane after a many year absence to put on a truly magnificent bagel brunch spread on Sunday. Many of you who have been coming to the parties these twenty plus years will recall that Bob and Ariele were the first suite party hosts to open their suite to all of our guests, not just a hand picked few. They set the standard for suite hospitality and we are very grateful that they found it possible to return to us this year.


Every suite party had their special angels and helpers who volunteered their time to organize the rooms, put out the food and drink and make sure all ran smoothly. In my case, I had two brilliant female aides de camp, Amy from Texas, who efficiently set up our bar every night; and Hostess Samantha, who went around the suite inquiring what she could do to make everyone comfortable and happy. Special thanks to Rad for his advice on the sound system and then for bringing his huge library of tunes on his lap top.
I'd also like to thank all the generous people who helped other friends come to the party by paying for their tickets or helping pay for their rooms or transportation to Vegas. This happens at every event and such gestures of friendship and camaraderie should be recognized.
We were happy with the new format and feel that with a bit of fine tuning, it can be even better next time. We made a note of the refreshments you wanted but didn't find enough of. We will situate the vendor fair in the big suite next time. We'll start the Thursday night party a little sooner and end it a little earlier, ditto Sunday, but keep the Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm-2am. Personally, we loved the liberation of not having name tags, and having cute buttons instead. However, we will provide simple stick on name tags in addition to the buttons next time, for anyone who wants one.
Not everyone signed our "stations of the spanked" tablets when they played, but enough signed for me to determine our two winners. Philogynous won for most spanked boy and statuesque Amazon Amanda won for busiest spanker. Each will receive a $40 amazon gift certificate.
I was particularly intrigued by the entry in one of the tablets that read: "I was spanked here by Rad and had about a million orgasms." Whoever wrote that, congratulations, you managed to write an entire short story in one sentence.

By the way, everyone who wore a uniform on uniform night, looked great!
As you can see from the photo above, I wore a housekeeper's dress that was formerly worn by a number of our models in Shadow Lane productions over the years. With me is the vivacious Nan from Maine, who, along with her adorable husband, Tom, has been coming to our parties for 24 years and is still the life of every party she attends.

Many crazy and interesting photos were taken at the party but since I don't have explicit permission from everyone to post them, I've only put up a few. If you have pix from the party that you'd like me to post on the next blog, please send them to me: eve@shadowlane.com, along with the scene name or names you want to go along with them.

I hope I haven't omitted anyone from my list of suite hosts, if I have, please correct that! I cannot thank you all enough for what you did over the weekend. I had one of the best weekends of my entire life. It made me so happy to see Jersey John back, to see the return of Bob and Ariele, to bond with my girl friends, from those in their sixties all the way down to my little darling twenty somethings from my videos. Some people had been at our first parties in the early nineties, some people who were literally toddlers when our first parties took place, were at the last one, enjoying the hell out of the scene. This is surely one of the most inclusive scenes on the planet. But maybe that's true of every dedicated interest niche group from Comicon freaks to cross word puzzle fanatics. A very particular special interest can bond people in ways that transcend age, race, religion and political orientation. In the case of our group, the edgy and the nerdy enjoy a symbiotic relationship, as illustrated by the classic juxtaposition of a voluptuous female bottom framed by the pleats of a raised tartan skirt above and white cotton panties below.


Female spanks Female writing sought for new magazine
This solicitation is for female writers only.

I'm currently putting together a female spanks female photoplay magazine. I'd like to interlace the photo spreads with some small bits of fiction or anecdotes, essays or letters to the editor, on the subject of female spanks female play. I'd love to print small editorials or stories by real women who actually spank or are spanked by other women, for one reason or another, today.

Please keep submissions to under 1,000 words. That is the number of words that take up one magazine page. My space is very limited. And if an image goes on the page as well, more like 500 - 700 words works best. So think in terms of very short pieces. If I use your piece, story, anecdote, opinion or article, you will receive a copy of the magazine, any five dvd's of your choice, and if you are a spanking author, model, photographer or video producer, you can plug your company in the magazine. You may also submit a photo to go with your piece, if you can provide copies of the models' i.d. shots and signed models releases. I realize this is something mainly video producers have access to, but many models are producers nowadays, and understand the necessity of such procedures to a publisher. At any rate, images aren't necessary, but if your company sells something, it makes for a better plug. If you need blank model releases, I can provide them to you.

Here are some suggested headings for submissions:

I'm bi and into spanking, so I play with other women

I'm gay (queer or lesbian - whichever you like best) and into spanking, so I play with other women

I'm straight and into spanking, but I play with other women

I'm a spanking model (or producer), so I play with other women

You can write on other topics relating to female spanks female. But we'd better keep away from childhood experiences because my publisher is edgy about things like that. No boarding school fantasies. Keep all your anecdotes to the 18 and over years of your lives.

I am seeking genuine female input from women who play with other women, either professionally or just for fun. And I want fresh, honest accounts of how you actually spank, not improbable fantasies of having to take spankings at work, to keep your job, etc.

Thank you in advance for your submissions.
Send your text files to me: eve@shadowlane.com

Shadow Lane Memorabilia

Our Shadow Lane buttons were so popular at the party, especially the ones that indicated orientation, that we've decided to make the set available, as a whole, or in parts, to Shadow Lane fans, as collectibles. We will be introducing new button designs every year, so start collecting them now. Available while supplies last:

Shadow Lane couple in a circle logo $3

Toy Sub button (spankee) $3

Spinning top button (spanker) $3

On/Off Switch button (switch) $3

Set of all four buttons $10

Please wait until you're ordering something else, like a dvd, so the buttons can ride on the same postage and handling as the rest of your order, otherwise, figure $7 extra in postage in handling will be added to  your order at check out. Click here to order buttons


Vintage, Long Out of Print Shadow Lane Publications

edited by Eve Howard, artistically designed by Butch Simms

On going through our files we recently came across a cache of old Scene One personal ads magazines and even a few Stand Corrected magazines from between 15-20 years ago. This is how people used to find each other before the internet. These publications are filled with fun reading, and most include my Shadow Lane stories, photos and original Tarsis illustrations. If you select any of these classic publications, please read for enjoyment only, don't attempt to answer these ancient ads, as we stopped forwarding responses to them decades ago. Actually, some of the ads with addresses in them might still be active, as some of these people still come to our parties, but recognize that a long time has passed and writing to these ads will probably result in nothing. However, if you do write to an ad and wind up meeting someone, that would make one hell of a letter to the editor, so keep us posted on all developments. SUPPLIES LIMITED!

Here are the available publications we have in limited supply:

Click here to see the remaining available vintage magazines



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