A Message From Eve May 11, 2021 May 11 2021, 11 Comments

A Message from Eve and Butch

Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts!

Well, most of us survived this filthy year. Yay for us!


I’m starting to get calls about Labor Day. Here’s the skinny:


Yes, there will be a party at The Suncoast!


It will be hosted by Joe Strykker, Shadow Lane performer and long time friend and booster of the Shadow Lane party.


It will be a suite party with several floors blocked out for guests.


The ticket price is $105 per person, the room rates for the week of 9/1/21- 9/6/21 start at $59 for Mon-Thur dates, $115 for Friday and Saturday.


You MUST register for this party online at Joe’s party website: shadowlodgeparty.com


After you have registered, you will be given the code for room bookings. I believe Paypal is how Joe is accepting payments, but there is a way to query  him through his website with questions.


Of course, Butch and I will be attending the party!


Joe is capping attendance at 200, so register soon if you plan to attend.


See you there!


Note about Shadow Lane orders

Although we have suspending shooting for now (don’t really have the heart to shoot without Tony), we will still continue to sell our 240 titles on our website. I fill all the orders and as many of you have already discovered, I give bonus titles with every order, based on your tastes and my records of what you have already purchased.

Due to Louis DeJoy’s gambit to undermine the nation’s trust in and regard for, the US Postal Service, by limiting hours, trimming staff, rerouting deliveries, removing sorting machines, etc, some of my orders are taking up to two or more weeks to reach their destination. This has nothing to do with Shadow Lane. I fill my orders on the day I get them, or the next day at the latest. Usual delivery time across country used to be 3-5 days. Now, it’s anyone’s guess.

A new board of overseers is about to be appointed at the Post Office and the hope is that they will be able to stop the deliberate slowing down of the mail. This business of “cost cutting” was never a necessity, since the post office is not in place to make money, but serve the American people, which it had been doing brilliantly for hundreds of years. Needless to say, I’ve had more complaints in the last year about late deliveries than I had in the previous 34 years of being in mail order.


Clare Fonda News


If you have Amazon Prime, please support the dual arts of spanking and comedy, by renting Sally Mullin’s comedy special “Sleazy Does It” for a couple of bucks. Sally makes fun of sex, herself and her crazy life as a stand-up comic/fetish and porn star for the last 20 years. If you think she’s irreverently hilarious in her spankporn, wait until you hear her original routine. Like many of our models, she goes all in on animal rescue and is always fostering doggies and kitties and finding them good homes or keeping them herself, so when you patronize her comedy, you’re feeding her animals, and she’d be the first to tell you that.


Spanking Sessions 

Due to still being in a highly emotional state since Tony’s passing last April, I find myself unready to resume sessions at this point in time. Therefore, I am referring Vegas visitors in need of corporal punishment to:


Gretta Carlson, who has been with Shadow Lane as an amiable switch and superb top, since the early 90’s. Her contact info is for queries:

email: grettasman@yahoo.com

text or call: 702-300-7743


or: Erin Faye, who starred in Erin Faye, Disciplinarian and The Naughty Flirt for Shadow Lane in recent years. She’s a strong, stern, serious young top, highly capable and extremely ladylike. Very effective spanker. Her website for booking sessions in Vegas is:



Mistress Stephanie Locke is available for phone sessions, counseling and related conversations on niteflirt.com, where she goes by Goddess Tempestra, under Spanking Mistresses.

Take care everyone! As always, I’m available to answer questions by phone or text at: 702 395-0783. Or email: Eve@shadowlane.com