Eve Howard's Spanking Blog - September 2014 September 21 2014, 6 Comments

We said farewell to the Summer of 2014 in our usual way,
with a big spanking party weekend here in Las Vegas.
Shadow Laners from across the country, the Atlantic and
Pacific joined us for our 34th gala event.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the party. Some
joined us for the first time, others have been coming for over
twenty years. Some couples who attended met for the first
time at our parties or through our personal ads. That's a happy
thing for us.

At this point in time, there are many regional spanking parties
occurring at various times in the year, including Boardwalk
Badness  (SSNY), SCONY, Crimson Moon, Florida Moonshine,
Texas All State and our friend The London Tanner has even begun
an annual party in Spain called The World Spanking Party.
Many enthusiasts travel from party to party, making our scene
into the mainstay of their social lives.

This promotes a wholesome and guiltless feeling of belonging
to a happy, healthy, thriving community that no one need ever
be ashamed of again. But at the same time, we've all learned
from experience that the hands on practice of fetishism
"tis caviar to the masses" and still a secret to be kept from all
but those who share it. Don't expect your co-workers or your
family to understand or approve. It is none of their business at all.
Spanking is still a sexually esoteric adult pursuit that promises
intense pleasure to those who dream of it and seek it out. To the
rest of the world, it remains to a greater or lesser extent, an
inexplicable curiosity, freak show or joke. This is not to say that
you should be paranoid about "people finding out" to the extent
of not participating. It is only to say that you shouldn't expect
people who are completely vanilla to understand what kind of fun
the spanking scene can bring to those who are already enthusiasts.
I've met scores of people in the scene who have felt compelled to
confess their obsession with spanking to best friends or family
members, only to be advised to seek counseling. This is a great
disappointment that can be avoided by simply holding your own
council about this frankly erotic interest. You can avoid this type
of disappointment by making your confessions to others in the scene.
And when you do, the kind of feed back you get will not disappoint
you at all. It will make you feel that you belong.

We hope to try something a bit different for our next Labor Day party
weekend. Instead of evening events, we are thinking of having two
casually festive luncheon days, on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor
Day weekend. This will bring a different type of energy to the party.
Instead of a vendor fair, we will make the ballroom available for
demonstrations, exhibitions, games and other activities. Anyone
interested in putting on an exhibition or even a short one act play,
should talk to us before the next party. We are open to all fun ideas.


This group shot pictures all the Shadow Lane models we could round up in
the ballroom at 8:45 on Saturday night. Top row from left to right: Kyle Johnson,
Dallas, Alex Best, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ralph Marvel, Mark Fisher, Tony Elka,
Gino Coletti, Butch Simms and Keith Jones. Bottom row from left to right: Stevie
Rose, Sarah Gregory, Erica Scott, Alex Reynolds, Vivian Sweet, Eve Howard and
Dolores Cortez. Other Shadow Lane models who were at the party included
Stephanie Locke, Virginia Lewis and Ten Amorette.


Amelia Jane Rutherford with one of her favorite co-stars, Keith Jones.


Stevie Rose and Sarah Gregory


Erica Scott and Alex Reynolds


Shadow Lane partner, Art Director
and performer, Butch Simms


Virginia Lewis returns!


The beautiful legs of Stephanie Locke, punctuated
by 9" heels.



Scenes from our newest boy spanks girl video, The Haughty Girl starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Ralph Marvel

In The Haughty Girl, an arrogant British beauty is taken in hand by her strict
boss in a spanking tour de force! Features hard hand spanking and full nudity
of a 6'2" blonde goddess!


Panty pull downs trigger indignation in haughty girls.


The owner of a casting agency is peeved with his new talent manager for
inflicting devastating criticism on the models who don't meet her high
standards of elocution. Tired of dealing with complaints, Mr. Marvel decides
to spank some courtesy into the stunning, leggy, blonde Amelia Rutherford,
using only his huge, hard hand.


Amelia is one of those rare models whose range
of expressions enables her to look like a different
girl in every picture.


Amelia channeling Gweneth Paltrow.


Pouty girl.


Punished to perfection.


In the second scene, the beautiful, but still rude British perfectionist, is
ordered to remove every stitch of clothing and take a second sound hand
spanking from her boss in the nude. Crackling bare bottom spanking,
wonderfully witty dialog, and a rollicking dominant vs brat dynamic, adds up
to an instant Shadow Lane classic, featuring two of our most beloved
performers, together for the first time. (SLV-194d) running time: 41 minutes

The Haughty Girl on DVD


Spanking Sessions with Eve Howard

Coming to Vegas for a convention or business? Lose
some stress with an excellent spanking scene. I love role play
scenarios and will enthusiastically portray a mom, head
mistress, lady boss or dominant wife. Never had a
spanking before after dreaming of one your entire life? I've
been into it all my life too and can take you through your
first real adult scene with skill and empathy. Enjoy
submitting to two dominant women at once? My neighbor,
Gretta Carlson is happy to come and join me in dispensing
all the corporal punishment required.

Email me, at: eve@shadowlane.com

Or call for an appointment: 702-395-0783.

You can follow me on Fetlife and ask any questions you like
pertaining to spanking. You can also follow me on twitter
where I am EveShadowLane. Too shy to meet in person but
interested in intimate phone conversations about spanking or
even role playing over the phone? I am available for phone
sessions on Niteflirt.com. The phone number to reach me
through Niteflirt is 1-800-TO-FLIRT but please email me before
you call to let me know when you might be calling as I don't
have it on all the time. Cheers and I look forward to spanking
some of you this coming Autumn and Winter.