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Greetings, Spanking Enthusiasts!

Meet the two delightful stars of our latest production, Roomates' Punishment Pact. You may remember Jewell Marceau, who starred as the damsel in distress, in one of our most popular woman spanks girl videos ever, Disciplinarian Librarian. I can hardly believe it's been eight years since we worked with this beautiful, switchable fetish goddess. Blonde dynamite Whitney Morgan is new to Shadow Lane and we fell instantly in love with this crazy, fun chick. She hails from Florida, is a true fetish princess, and has a large following in spanking community all over the world. She's appeared in numerous spanking videos and loves to attend spanking parties. Whitney is the real deal, the bossy playmate from all of our childhoods, who organized the spanking games and threw the best tantrums. In this photo she also seems to be channeling a young Christine Justice. Do you see it?

In this scenario, Jewell and Whitney make a pact not to take back the useless boyfriends they just broke up with. Spanking is designated the penalty for breaking the pact, and Whitney is the first to weaken. Notice the Betty and Veronica thing going on down to the ponytail?

Incensed at Whitney for breaking the pact, Jewell storms in and ruthlessly knocks down Whitney's intricate dominos set up before pulling the hapless blonde across her lap.

Jewell makes Whitney strip nude for the hairbrush spanking she has earned.

And yet, before the day is out, Jewell is also proven to to have taken her own slacker boyfriend back, in spite of the mutual punishment pact! Of course this means that Whitney can now take control of her roommate, turn her over her own lap, and spank Jewell's bare bottom as much as she likes! Whitney is so enthusiastic to execute this duty, she doesn't even pause to put her clothes on again.

Naturally, Jewell comes in for the same amount of bend over paddling and strapping action that Whitney so noisily endured.

This delicious cougar vs wildcat video is available now!


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