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Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts!

Here in the Southwest, Summer has arrived. Which means that the time has come to start making plans and reservations to attend the Annual Shadow Lane Labor Day Casino Royale Party, here in Las Vegas. Some basic information follows, so you can make your arrangements to attend. Later on there will be more particulars. Meanwhile, if you've never heard of the Shadow Lane party, here are the most important details in a nutshell.

Shadow Lane has been hosting spanking parties for 25 years. They are social gatherings for spanking people only.

Most spanking people crave the chance to play with others, fulfill their fantasies, form playful friendships and in some cases, enjoy the pleasures of spanking romance.

The purpose of the party is to give spanking enthusiasts a friendly, private, low-pressure environment, in which to socialize and play.

It's a four night spanking mixer, held in a Vegas casino resort hotel.

We provide a hospitality suite and a group rate for a room or suite in a part of the hotel set aside for our group.

During the party, guests float around from suite to suite, and back to their own rooms, in sets or groups, to continue socializing and playing. In many cases, people use the big room to connect with people, then go off together and play in their private rooms. Other people play in the suites, in front of everyone and it is most enjoyable to watch. There is a lot of public playing in the suites and a lot more private playing, behind closed doors.

If you're shy, don't worry about it. Many people don't even play at their first party, but watch and take things in.

This is a social event for spanking people, but as in any mixer situation, whether you are able to connect or not, largely relies upon you and your own social skills.

Generally two to three hundred guests fill the hotel that weekend and on our private floors, spanking sounds can be heard coming out of almost every room at peak hours. 

In our suite, it's a spanking cocktail party every night, from Thursday through Sunday of the holiday weekend. We have an open bar, snacks, music and a mic. (If you want to hear anything special, bring it on your ipod and we'll get it played.) The admission is an affordable $40 for all four nights, and the weekday rates for Sunday-Thursday are low, so many guests will stay three or even four nights.

As the summer progresses, we will be mentioning various events that will be taking place during the weekend. At this point, it is way too early to post any sort of coherent suite party schedule. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces! Any questions? Call 702-395-0783 and Tony or I will be happy to answer them.


Labor Day Weekend Party 2017


Summer Releases 2017 from Shadow Lane


A double scenario spanking drama
starring Clare Fonda and Butch Simms

Shadow Lane is thrilled to welcome back Clare Fonda as a spankee after a many year absence from our collective laps. She is saucier and sexier than ever, and the perfect match for our own Butch Simms, who spanks her in two scenarios.

Part 1:  Stiffed and Miffed

After working all day installing a faucet, a plumber is informed by his inconsiderate customer, that all he will receive for his labor is a post dated check. Having had to chase this lady for payments in the past, the plumber informs her that he'll take cash that very day, or wear his arm out spanking her. When she protests, Butch gives her a stinging taste of his righteous indignation, turning her silky smooth white bottom dark pink with his hard hand.


Part 2:  Freudian Slap

A troubled individual visits a therapist to complain that no one pays attention to him. But in the middle of bearing his soul to the psychological practitioner, Mr. Simms notices that, ironically, Ms. Fonda isn't paying the slightest bit of attention to him. Naturally Butch loses it and straight up calls her out on her glaring lack of empathy, not to mention, her insultingly unprofessional behavior. Next thing she knows, Clare finds herself over his knee for a complete attitude adjustment. Butch spanks the living daylights out of her!


This is a hard spanking, with plenty of reaction.

She's actually a terrible spanking therapist. But she is a great spankee!


Filled with hard spanking, witty dialog and unique personality, Freudian Slap features two lively scenarios, starring cute, funny, charismatic Clare Fonda, and co-starring the mighty Butch Simms.  (SLV-221d) AVAILABLE SOON!


New male submissive- female dominant release!


Starring Nikki Rouge and Mike Fluffy

It's our first video with Nikki where she tops a boy, and as you can see from this photo, the lady is very comfortable in this role.


Nikki is one of us, a true spanking person. You can see this in how she holds, scolds and controls her submissives.

Amazonian tops, with their power and strength, are accustomed to taking command. Men and boys have no choice but to kneel and obey.


As a traditionalist, Nikki never fails to begin with with an over the knee  hand spanking.



I've had some requests for spanking with a wooden spoon. Does it bring back memories for some of you?


No 1950's housewife ever mastered the art of spanking a boy more perfectly than Miss Rouge.


A multi-stick cane holds and keeps Fluffy's attention while the deft disciplinarian lays it vigorously across his upturned bottom.


Beautifully clad in vintage girdle, bra, seamed stockings and 6.5" pumps, Nikki wields a beautiful Irish leather paddle to bring up the blush in her naughty houseboy's plump, firm cheeks.





Concluding as she began, with an over the knee, bare bottom spanking for her lazy, idle, wool gathering, chore forgetting boy Friday, Nikki leaves a lasting impression with her very hard hand. Leg lovers: look at the vintage perfection of those insteps, calves, knees and thighs. What submissive wouldn't palpitate at the chance to go across that glorious lap?



Nikki's Boy Toy is scheduled for release in June 2017!


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas
With Eve Howard

Planning a trip to Vegas? Don't get spanked enough, as a general rule? Do you crave a spanking, and think about getting one all the time, but remain frustrated? Whether you are a seasoned spankee, who gets spanked, but not nearly enough, or a first time adventurer, the spanking you want and need awaits you right here. I've been into spanking my whole life and as you can see from my videos, I understand the core principals of the fetish as well as anyone can. I am a disciplinarian and my sessions are restricted to corporal punishment in the traditional sense of the word. This means: spanking, paddling, strapping and sometimes, caning. Limits can be tested with severe corporal punishment or you can be moderately disciplined by your affectionate auntie or caring school teacher; it's all about your own individual tastes and how make them central to your session.

Email: eve@shadowlane.com and let me know something of your spanking history, when you'll be in town and how your ideal spanking scenario would unfold. I'll write back promptly and let you know how we might make that happen on your upcoming visit.

Cheers for now and hope to see many of you at the Labor Day party, of which the Bad Boys Suite is always a feature. Generously hosted by our friend Harry M., a group of dominant ladies, including me, arrive at the suite with our toys, and hold a two hour spankathon on Saturday afternoon, dispensing gratis discipline to any bad boy who politely requests this attention. I always bring my little notebook, notate the number of strokes I administer, with each implement, and have the spankee sign the page.