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The month is flying by and we're getting ready for our big Silver Anniversary Labor Day party at The Suncoast. Group rates are closed, but rooms are still available at regular rates, as of this writing, so call today if you haven't booked yet! Call 866-816-7111 or 702-636-7050 to reserve your rooms today. Say you're with the Shadow Lane group so you can be placed on our floors, if possible. For reference, the group code is: A6SLC09

In most cases, we are not mailing buttons ahead of the party this year, because some people tend lose or forget them. If you haven't yet purchased a ticket, you can order one from our shopping cart now:


Or you can purchase your ticket at the party, in cash. See me, Tony or Butch in our suite when you arrive. If you've already ordered your ticket or tickets, we will have you on a master list and will give your buttons when you arrive at the party. The buttons are cute and you can pick one with your orientation (sub, top, switch or choose a generic Shadow Lane icon button). Keep the button on you or with you throughout the weekend, for admission to our suite and the suites of other guests who are also hosting suite parties.

Featured Production: The Spanking Girl
A late August 2016 release

My handsome cast!

Starring Nikki Rouge, Violet October
And Arthur Sire
Domestic Discipline with a Twist of Perversity

Spanking, strapping, paddling, butt plug, bondage, witness to punishment, as a clever wife presents her dominant husband with a proxy spankee to paddle!

Channeling I Love Lucy, the endlessly inventive Nikki Rouge, conceives an idea to avoid discipline from her dominant husband, Arthur Sire, by enlisting her favorite protégée, Violet October, as a "spanking girl" to take her punishments for her. It's paddling, strapping, a butt plug and bondage for tiny blonde sex kitten Violet, a delicate beauty whose pain tolerance is commensurate with her naughtiness! A rollicking finale where Nikki is spanked at last, completes this adorable situation spanking comedy. Delightful dialog, hard spanking, explicit insertion, affection and irrepressible perversity, hallmark this true Shadow Lane classic!


I love shooting with retro girls like Nikki and Violet. They "get" Shadow Lane and eagerly transport themselves back in time and culture to play Shadow Lane style wives. Did wives really get spanked in the fifties? Possibly, but not ritualistically, more in the manner of "horsing around" or "slap and a tickle" flirtation or something to do on a date in the back seat of a convertible or even as bedroom foreplay.

Spanking hasn't changed, only the attitude towards it. But we have always tended towards the old way of creating a spanking, as if it were the only logical solution to any problem, as it always is, in fantasies.


In our little universe, Violet is already Nikki's submissive, her ready and willing playmate and go to girl for naughtiness. You have seen little Violet, being clinically disciplined by Dr. Nikki, and taught lessons by Mistress Nikki, the life coach. In this case, she is Nikki's surrogate for a hard spanking and some very invasive butt plug bondage.

Nikki was born to play this role. She's just extremely comfortable having someone else bare their bottoms to take the spanking, paddling and strapping she herself has earned. She loves the idea of a surrogate spankee and gets completely involved in directing the play, as her husband accepts the gift of the exquisite, pale blonde girl, to punish as he chooses.

Nikki finds she likes witnessing the punishment so much, that she decides to confess to all recent acts of domestic rebellion or disobedience, so that Violet may receive an even more interesting form of discipline, i.e., rope tied to a spanking bench and plugged in her tight, tiny bottom before additional corporal punishment. (Not shown... yet!)

It is my job, on camera, to capture the face shot of the submissive. Violet's ever-changing expressions, of pleasure, pain, disbelief, mischief and satire, are such a joy to film. Her face is beguiling, but her intelligence, good manners and wit complete the picture. She is truly an imp of the perverse.


By the way, Butch always works the camera that gets the butt shot and Tony runs the wide shot camera throughout and supervises all the cameras using a three screen monitor system, so no one winds up duplicating the other person's shot.

Arthur finally spanks and paddles the truth out of the small submissive, as to why she is really taking Nikki's punishment for her so willingly that day. Suffice to say, Violet blurts out as much truth, at last, to make sure that Nikki will indeed be spanked.


 Nikki is all protests and indignation as her husband pulls her across his lap and begins to smartly belabor her voluptuous bottom with his very hard hand, then a leather paddle. With her tiny, shapely, fully nude, creamy body on display, rosy nipples erect the whole time, Violet watches with glee as Arthur bares Nikki's beautiful bottom, spanks her on the pantyhose, bikini's and then, stunning bare backside.


 This is a contrast in feminine beauty, with the wisp of a nymph, Violet, 95 pounds of perfectly proportioned, petite pulchritude, counterbalanced by statuesque redheaded Nikki, graceful and divinely leggy in 6" pumps and a skintight sheath dress. I love these ladies! So did Arthur. Because another thing that's great about Nikki and Violet, you can really spank them. They take it hard. You don't have to worry. They are not worried. It makes all the difference.


Over the years many viewers have told us they like our videos because they are like being with friends. This is one of those titles. Of course the spankings in it are very hard indeed, you can see how red the girls got, but it's flirtatious too. Something can be a turn on but can also make you smile!


Christine Justice 1962-2016

Our friend since 1986 and model since the early 1990's, dominant extraordinaire, Christine Justice, passed away in her sleep on Monday night, August 1st. She had been suffering from MS for many years. I first met Chris at Stephanie Locke's Private Quarters club, on the night Tony brought me to meet and play with Stephanie for the first time. Chris was working there. I spoke with her while waiting for Stephanie to conclude a session. For the next year we were co-workers and partied together incessantly. The very first triple top spanking session I engaged in, included both Chris and Kiri Kelly, as we all went out to spank a naughty man together.

 That same year, Chris accompanied me to NuWest, where we shot a video together. Ed Lee liked her look and style and went on to feature her as a Leda Lady. From the very inception of our company, Chris came to Shadow Lane and topped for us, starring in The Fem Dom Club, Women Who Spank Men Volume One, Domestic Discipline and Justice for One.

 Chris often attended Shadow Lane parties and remained very close friends with Arthur Sire, who has starred in many Shadow Lane productions since the 1990's. Arthur spoke with Chris for several hours on the night she died. He was probably the last person to ever speak to her.

Chris was a law unto herself, a bit of a pirate, a strong woman who lived by her own rules and practiced self-reliance her entire life. I don't believe she was ever married, she had no children, but she always loved animals and rescued many a creature in her time, to nurture them as children. Chris was tough and uncompromising, but she had a keenly irreverent sense of humor and loved having fun and raising hell. There will certainly never be another like her.

Here are some photos of Christine Justice at Shadow Lane.