New video Summer School Blues May 20 2014, 2 Comments

Scenes from our new video, Summer School Blues

Starring Violet October and introducing Ashley Edmonds


Our new release, Summer School Blues (SLV-193) re-exposes Shadow Lane's newest submissive starlet, Violet October, who was first introduced to our viewers in The Petite Protegee a few months back and showcases the abilities of the beautiful and strict Ashley Edmonds to our viewers for the first time. Anyone steeped in spanking video culture will see at a glance that Miss Edmonds embodies the traditional disciplinarian, capable at a moment's notice, of taking up a sturdy wooden paddle to correct the misdeeds of her charge. 


Note the flagrant disregard for authority exhibited by provocative Penny (Violet October) as she rudely nibbles on sour cherrie drops during the lesson she has failed to prepare for. Also note the incredibly shapely bottom of Ashley Edmonds in her turquoise pencil skirt. This no nonsense lady has it all.


Nothing meaningful can be accomplished before the pull down. 


Penny doesn't attempt to hide her resentment for her summer school teacher, but this only makes Miss Edmonds more determined to tame the wayward blonde.


"I'll teach you to make fist at me, young lady!"


A hand spanking is only the beginning. But finally, Miss Edmonds is beginning to get through to her summer school brat.


What teacher wouldn't be angry if her student disrespected her by shoving candies and chewing gum into her mouth every time her back was turned? It's time to show Penny she means business, so Miss Edmonds starts bringing her paddles to bear.


The famous Board of Education novelty paddle is a hard hunk of wood no spankee can ignore. The naughty preppie girl receives a full measure of its harsh discipline before her teacher is satisfied that Penny has learned her lesson well and truly. 

These beautiful blondes are the ladies to watch as the sweltering summer begins! 

DVD available now!