UK and European dvd customers - so sorry about this announcement! July 02 2021, 3 Comments

Dear Customers in the EU and UK,


Sadly I must stop accepting orders from Europe and the United Kingdom as of July 1, 2021.

From now on, all products being shipped across the pond are subject to VAT fees, requiring licensing agreements with all the countries and annual dues to maintain all of that, no matter how small the sales are. I looked into the Byzantine rules and regulations and what is involved to secure a VAT number, even for low volume sellers, and this isn’t going to work for Shadow Lane.


Why not risk shipping as before? Because these rules are going to be enforced by Shopify and our postage meter service. If I were to accept and ship, even a tiny dvd order, to England now, without a VAT number, it would be detained at the post office or maybe even customs, and the buyer would have to retrieve it and pay the tax there. Obviously, that is not workable. 


I hope that some of you will decide to join the website and watch the dvd’s in streaming mode.


If you have any questions, please email me at:


To my lovely European and UK customers, thank you for your support. Some of you have just found us recently and I have so enjoyed filling your orders. This whole thing is a bummer. But I can’t think of any way around it.