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Greetings Spanking Fans,

Shadow Lane has a Facebook page under Tony Elka. Want to connect with friends before the party? Follow us on the Tony Elka Facebook page and post messages there. You can also post to the various Shadow Lane party groups on FetLife, which is free to join and asks no private info about members.


I just posted a question on Tony Elka's Facebook page: What are you bringing to the party?

Here are my suggestions:


In Vegas at summer's end, it's still blazing hot outside and frosty within all modern buildings. So you'll need sun glasses, sunscreen and a sweater.


Attire for the party is dressy casual for Friday night and dressy casual to formal for Saturday night, as your inclination steers you. On Friday night, many spankees enjoy wearing classic spanking looks, such as prep school style blazers, shorts, pleated skirts, and other traditional articles that draw attention to their spankablilty. On Saturday night suits and even tuxes may be seen on the lads, while ladies tend to display their beauty in cocktail dresses, prom dresses and gowns. This doesn't mean that you can't go casual both nights. If you feel most comfortable and cute in jeans, by all means, be yourself.


Here are two examples of great spanking style for ladies, each with different points and features to recommend them. The iconic pencil skirt, modeled here by Ashley Edmonds, outlines, profiles, displays and tightly encases Miss Edmond's shapely seat. But while the glove tight skirt does draw the eye and whet the appetite to see more, getting it up for a spanking is no easy task. How do you do it? Make her hike it up before she gets over? Try yanking it up yourself once she's over your knee? Awkward and annoying. Or do you have unzip and remove the skirt entirely before beginning? Either way, there's nothing fluid about getting a girl in tight skirt bared.


The second example shows the advantages of a "swing" skirt, which is what they are calling any skirt that is loose, rather than clinging. A fuller skirt may be easily flipped up or folded back to reveal a spankee's bottom. And as this close up on the lovely derriere of Violet October reveals, a loose skirt can make the prettiest possible frame for a rosy seat.



Additional Party Suggestions


There will be many options for buying toys at the vendor fair, but if you want to pack your own essential spanking kit, I would include: a solid wooden hairbrush, a round or oval leather paddle and a leather strap. 


Spanking Etiquette sidebar: If you plan to asks guests to your room and you're the kind of spanking person who travels with dozens of esoteric toys, do keep the most invasive items of gear tucked away in a drawer until use. 

Many is the innocent spankee who has consented to play in someone's room, envisioning a bit of over the knee spanking, then walked in to see every  table, desk and dresser top piled high with retention plugs and enema equipment. For a casual party hook up, that's  just too much, too soon. Not saying don't bring those things, just talk about them first, play show and tell only after some interest has been expressed.


Since you might get lucky in love at this party, it's never a bad idea to bring condoms. Not that spanking parties are like swingers events. But the atmosphere is still highly conducive to romance and love. Many happy couples meet for the first time at spanking parties.


If you plan to have guests to your room or suite, having some bottled water on hand to offer them will be appreciated. 


Still haven't bought your tickets or reserved rooms yet? Please read this!


Labor Day Party Update


This is looking to be a more popular weekend in Vegas than usual, so please book as soon as you can to secure the best rates and a room at our party hotel. 


Shadow Lane Party 2014

The cut-off date for Shadow Lane guests/attendees to make room reservations at The Suncoast at our contracted  group rate is coming up on 7/30/2014.  

Reservations may be conveniently secured until cut-off date through our toll free reservations number at 866-636-7111 Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific times. Callers must reference our group code (A4SLC08), in order to receive our contracted group rate. By referencing this same group code they may also book their reservation on-line at http://www.suncoastcasino.com/groups.

 Reservation requests received after cut-off date will be booked at prevailing rate, based on room availability.


Shadow Lane Party Tickets

Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

Buy your tickets for the party from us in one of the following ways:


Email: Eve Howard: eve@shadowlane.com 

or Tony:  shadowln@mindspring.com

State the number of tickets needed, but do NOT include your credit card number, expiration date or the three digit security code from the back, we will reply with a secure method for transferring this information, your security comes first. Let us know whether you want the ticket or tickets mailed or held at the door.


2. Call us to place the ticket order by credit card over the phone.

Phone: (702) 395-0783 Again, specify if you want the ticket or tickets mailed to you or held at the door.


3. PayPal users:  Make your payment to: shadowlane@shadowlane.com


4. Mailing address for checks, money orders and charge card orders:


P.O. Box 751573

Las Vegas, NV 89136-1573


5. pay with cash at the door


Tickets are $150.00 per person.


Hotel booking information


Basic rooms are $95.00 on Friday and Saturday nights,

$42.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the party week.


2 Bedroom Mediterranean Suites are $300.00 on Friday and Saturday nights,

$250.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the party week.


Party falls on the weekend of Aug 29th -31st 2014


Group code for making reservations

(to be placed on the special Shadow Lane floors and receive group rates)

is: A4SLC08


Suncoast phone reservations number is: 866-636-7111


Rooms can be reserved on the Suncoast website using the group code @ www.suncoastcasino.com/groups


Cut off for guaranteed group rates is July 30th!!! After that rooms may still be booked on the basis of availability but group rates may vary.


ANY QUESTIONS, CALL! (702) 395-0783


General Party Info: http://shadowlane.com/party33_1.html



Questions about party etiquette? http://shadowlane.com/party_etiquette_a.html



Let us know what kind of music you like to dance to by adding your favorites to the Official Shadow Lane 2014 Song Request thread on fetlife. Here's the link:




Fetlife is free and discreet. There is a large Shadow Lane party section there so you can find out who is coming and touch bases with friends. Use this board to network with other Shadow Laners before the party!


Can't get on FetLife? You can email me your song suggestions and I'll post them in the thread for you.


Spanking Sessions in Vegas



Can't make it to the party but coming to Vegas some other time? Need a good, old fashioned, over the knee spanking? Drop me an email and tell me what you envision as the perfect spanking scene. I have a black board, a spanking bench and two trunks full of paddles and straps. And if you fancy two strict teachers, aunties or hard to please women next door to take you in hand, I can have my good friend Gretta Carlson join us. Write me at: Eve@shadowlane.com or call 702-395-0783



Thanks and see you soon!

Tony and Eve