Eve Howard's Spanking Blog Fall 2017 September 27 2017, 10 Comments

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts,

In this beautiful first week of Autumn, everyone at Shadow Lane is still in a bouyant mood from the 2017 Casino Royale Labor Day party, which continues to be the high light of our year. We’ve been doing these parties for 26 years now and have collected many dear friends and associates along the way. Seeing spanking friends in this rarified setting is its own kind of holiday. 

A happy reunion for Nikki Rouge and Steve Fuller. She co-starred in her first Shadow Lane video with Steve, Bare Assets in 2010 and has since become of our major assets.

Thanks to that ever changing, yet never changing, group of truly pro-active spanking people, the ones who meet each other, come out to parties and throw parties of their own, we were able to turn a certain Vegas resort, into spanking heaven for a long weekend. 


Uber minx Violet October came to the party with her cute boyfriend

Spanking trysts were had, spanking games were played and spanking flirtations were going on around the clock on our private floors. Our suite party was supported by other suite parties, generously hosted by Colodom and Spank4Fun, Dr. Lectr and Mackenzie, Merlin and The Bad One, Harry Michaels, Candee and Lou, and Steven and Tasha, who threw a South of the Border fiesta. Even the “Littles” got to play in a suite of their own, courtesy of Candee and Lou.


Harley Havik in her favorite party apparel, school girl drag. She does it so well!


Joe Lectr hosted not only the Vendor Fair and Spanking Court (presided over by Strict Dave), but also the Shaken Not Stirred dance party, with Bob the D.J., as well as Club Finn, run by Fineous Finn, whose two hour lady spoiling event included: flogging, massages, rhythmic caning, jacuzzi, sensation play, champagne and chocolate. (Nicely played Fineous, no wonder you’re so popular!)

Zoey and Chloe pose before Dr. Lectr’s traveling X-Frame.


And of course, one of the most popular suite events continued to be the Saturday afternoon Bad Boys suite, where any bad boy who dares to enter, was spanked by any number of top ladies present. I counted at least a dozen. 

Me and a buddy, enjoying some private play time.


September was a month of high video production for Shadow Lane.

Alisha Williams makes her Shadow Lane video debut in “Brit Brat”, co-starring with Keith Jones. He plays her strict dad in this video available now! 


Alisha Williams uses the method acting technique to communicate what it feels like to be a punished daughter. She’s a one of a kind English rose and we’re thrilled to have shot her with our most popular male top.

Order Brit Brat


Naughty is as naughty does in “Spanking Climax”, starring beautiful Adriana Evans and the one and only Brian Tarsis. It’s a hard spanking video that is also extremely sexy, involving intricate rope bondage and butt plug stimulation. This video proves that real discipline can also be an erotic turn on. Due for release in early October.



Nikki Rouge initiates Lloyd Kern into the circle of Shadow Lane models. This video’s working title is: “Correction of a Careless Boy.” We expect to release it in late October.


From Sweden with Spanks

Many thanks to Johnny_75, (the artist formerly known as E.V.E.), our man in Sweden, a very gifted cartoonist who has been sharing some of his delightful drawings with me these past few years. His cartoons always tell a story, and the stories always have the same theme: a naughty beauty gets spanked! 

Here are some more lovely images from J75:


When baseball practice goes wrong.


After all that work, she dropped the cake!


 Her cute pants suit won’t save this careless blonde.


The good, the bad and the paddled. 


If you’d like to compliment Johnny_75 on his charming art work, you can friend him and write him on FetLife. That’s the free social website serving the whole of the BDSM scene worldwide. It’s private, easy to join, easy to post on, and a fine place to make contacts and communicate with other spanking people and every other type of fetishist that you can think of. Our generous artist goes by Johnny_75 on FetLife.

I go by EveHoward and you can follow me there as well and Tony is on as shadowlane. There is also a group there called Shadow Lane Spanking, that everyone is welcome to post to. Fetlife is a great place to look up other spanking folk in your own geographic area, so do take advantage of this free resource. They don’t ask for real names or i.d. of any kind, and they do allow members to post any type of spanking or non spanking photos. I suggest that if you’re looking to connect with other spanking people, especially for romantic purposes, you post a photo with your profile.


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas with Eve

Planning a trip to Vegas?  Do you crave a spanking, and think about getting one all the time, but remain frustrated? Whether you are a seasoned spankee, who doesn’t get spanked nearly enough, or a first time adventurer, the spanking you want and need awaits you right here. I've been into spanking my whole life and as you can see from my videos, I understand the core principals of the fetish as well as anyone can. I am a disciplinarian and my sessions are restricted to corporal punishment in the traditional sense of the word. This means: spanking, paddling, strapping and sometimes, caning. Limits can be tested with severe corporal punishment or you can be moderately disciplined by your affectionate auntie or caring school teacher; it's all about your own individual tastes and how make them central to your session.

Email: eve@shadowlane.com and let me know something of your spanking history, when you'll be in town and how your ideal spanking scenario would unfold. I'll write back promptly and let you know how we might make that happen on your upcoming visit.