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Greetings Spanking Fans! 

Hope you're enjoying your Autumn, the perfect time for spanking. We ushered in October by shooting with one of our favorite new Shadow Lane girls, Violet October.

In Motivational Spanking (SLV-195d), I play the baby boomer mom of a boomeranger, that is, a grown kid who bounces back home after college instead of moving out the way kids always used to during better economic times. In an effort to make my daughter to consider any place better than living at home, I institute domestic discipline. 

 Violet October is so cute in her little jeans that of course she requires a hairbrush spanking. 

 In this scenario, my stubborn daughter has a plan to save up lots of money before moving out on her own. But it's taking too long and I'm getting impatient. So I communicate my annoyance with my live at home brat with a solid maple paddle across her adorable bottom.

When my spanking fails to provide sufficient motivation for our daughter to leave home, my husband Butch tries his considerably harder hand at impressing our offspring that independence is more desirable than sheltering indefinitely in the familial nest.

Violet holds out as long as she can, stubbornly insisting that she has a plan. But Butch also has a plan, to rid his domicile of both his lazy daughter and her encroaching boyfriend "Muskrat" once and for all.

The darling bottom of Violet October, well spanked by both her mom and dad!

We're betting that many long time Shadow Lane fans will get a kick out of seeing Eve and Butch play the parents of a 22 year old bad girl. We genuinely enjoyed this role play scenario.

Available now on DVD!

We'll be sticking with the millennials this month and shooting stunning Casey Calvert next. Her top will be the ever popular blonde bombshell, Gretta Carlson!

Ideas for our next Labor Day Party Weekend

We've been kicking around the idea of luncheon instead of, or in addition to evening events during our next Labor Day party weekend.

If you often come to our parties or are thinking about attending one for the first time, drop us a line and let us know which of these options would appeal most to you.

A. Instead of two evening events on Friday and Saturday night, we are thinking of having two luncheon events on Saturday and Sunday. We'd have the ballroom for four hours on each of these days, which would make for a different daytime energy. We wouldn't have a vendor fair, but we would have plenty of time and space for games, demonstrations, skits, participation, etc. None of this is planned so far. It's just a new idea.

B. We keep the Saturday event as a buffet dinner dance but instead of Friday in the ballroom, we shift that to a Sunday luncheon event. Since it's Labor Day  Weekend and most people stay over Sunday night anyway, we figured this might be a nice option. It would also allow for late check in's on Friday night not to miss anything. But it would also allow for dressing up for an evening event on the Saturday.

C. We keep everything the same as usual with two evening events on Friday and Saturday night.

What is your opinion of these options? Reach me in one of the following ways:

Tweet to me on twitter where my name is: Eve Howard @EveShadowLane

Email me: eve@shadowlane.com

Contact me on Fetlife.com under the name: EveHoward

Or post to the "Shadow Lane Spanking" group on Fetlife.com

Or post to Tony Elka's Facebook page, the default Shadow Lane Facebook presence:

Your input would be most welcome!


Spanking Sessions in Vegas

Have you been naughty enough to deserve a bare bottom spanking with hand and hairbrush? Are you stressed and in need of release? Is there no one in your world who understands your need for discipline?

Do you see yourself as a recalcitrant student, a disobedient delinquent or a careless cad in need of occasional correction? Whether your tolerance for corporal punishment is large or little, I have the experience and determination to satisfy your needs. If you're planning on breezing through Vegas and want more details on making your most cherished spanking fantasies come true, email me, eve@shadowlane.com

You can also call to chat about the possibilities at 702-395-0783.