About Us


A lifelong enthusiast, Eve Howard has been writing, editing and creating spanking erotica since the 1980’s. There are currently 11 volumes in the Shadow Lane novel series and she is working on Shadow Lane 12 now. Eve has also written, directed and produced over 187 spanking videos and has recently returned to the small screen as a performer in some of her own productions as a top.

Designed to make people feel good, rather than guilty about being into spanking, Eve’s books suggest an irreverent alternative to the BDSM extremes portrayed in such novels as The Story of O.

Beginning her fetish writing career as Lizzie Bennett, Eve edited many issues of the popular 1980’s spanking magazine Spank Hard. Eve then became the editor and publisher of the beautifully designed Stand Corrected magazine, which raised the bar for spanking publications in the 1990’s. Shadow Lane also published numerous personal ads magazines, which united hundreds of spanking people over the years in friendship, romance and often, marriage.

For over 20 years, Shadow Lane has been one of the primary social organs of the real-life spanking scene, throwing annual gala events for fellow enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the spicy variation that has preoccupied them for so long.

Eve’s husband and partner Tony Elka, co- starred with Eve in the very first Shadow Lane video, Tony and Eve, a College Fantasy. Tony has been Shadow Lane’s video editor for the past eighteen years and is considered one of the most professional editors in the scene, seamlessly cutting Shadow Lane’s multi-camera shoots, tv style. Tony also plays and records most of the music for Shadow Lane videos.

Butch Simms has been a partner in Shadow Lane since 1990.  Butch is responsible for the design of Shadow Lane magazines, video boxes and promotional materials, giving the company’s printed materials their uniquely sophisticated look. Butch has also performed as a top in many Shadow Lane sex and spanking videos.

Shadow Lane videos, even going back to their analog days, have long been the most beloved in the spanking scene because of their sincerity and charm as well as the realness of the action portrayed. When spanking people view them, they feel they are with friends. Shadow Lane’s motto, The Romance of Discipline, is evident in every one of it’s products and touches a chord in spankers and dreamers world wide.