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February 2018

Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts!  My Swedish correspondent, Johnny, joins everyone at Shadow Lane in wishing you a hot pink Valentine’s Day. He presents these delightful new illustrations for your consideration:

If you enjoyed these illustrations, look up Johnny_75 from Stockholm, Sweden on Fetlife and encourage his spanking art! He’s a cool hipster and I’ve told him I’d be happy to feature him in a spanking video if he ever shows up stateside. 

Now here are some scenes from our February release, Miss Snoopy Pants, starring Violet October and Dee Williams. 

During convention week, Violet chooses an ABNB in the home of Ms Williams. But the little blonde is a terrible guest, for Dee soon catches her snooping through her business files. To teach Ms October a lesson, Dee spanks her. But the lesson doesn’t take, and later Dee surprises Violet going through her sex toys! Naturally this leads to a much more serious spanking, this time with a butt plug.  Classic spanking, nudity for Violet, lovely scolding, blonde on blonde heaven.

This is the first time we’ve shot with Violet in over a year. We think you’ll agree, she’s looking dreamier than ever. We love Violet so, she was a gift from the spanking gods.

We first met Darling, aka Dee Williams, a good fourteen years ago, when she co-starred with Clare Fonda and Steve Fuller in our best selling video Good Cop, Bad Cop. Suddenly, she pops up, our new Vegas neighbor girl! She’s got a cute new hair style and a ravishing new silhouette to go with it. And lo and behold, she’s become an extremely good top.

Who could resist these two naughty angels?
If you haven’t tried one of these triple stick canes from Caniac, I highly recommend you do. They have the kick and sting of a cane but with the control you get handling a shorter implement, while the triple weight increases the impact of each stroke.
Presenting scenes from our latest and one of our most severe femdom videos, Southern Discomfort, starring Nikki Rouge and introducing, in his first spanking video, Lloyd Kern.
Nikki plays Lloyd’s indulgent auntie, whose generosity and patience he abuses in typical careless nephew fashion. Nikki responds, in traditional style, dragging the naughty lad over her lap and smartening up his recalcitrant bottom with her hand and everything else she can grab up and use to punish him with. 
Lloyd did the one thing you should never do to your Aunt Nikki, piss her off. He misbehaved and then on top of that, he was disrespectful. He might have even smirked. He isn’t smirking now.
Classical trained dancer, Nikki Rouge, has perfect form and an elegant, controlled style, to say nothing of those fabulous legs and beautifully shod feet.
Straps and paddles, paddles and straps, that’s what spanking mistresses are made of.
And now for the coup de grace, that final resounding volley of thwacks with the huge hazing paddle. You should have heard Lloyd yell! 

Available now on DVD:
Southern Discomfort

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