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Eve's Spanking Blog
July 2016

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

The subject of this blog will mainly be Snow in July, in Vegas. But first, a reminder that it's time to book your rooms for the Shadow Lane Labor Day Silver Anniversary Party! Festivities begin on Thursday September 1, 2016 and kick off our party weekend, which continues through Sunday Sept 4th. Buy your ticket or tickets by clicking here: ORDER TICKETS

or call us to order by phone (702) 395-0783

or, bring cash to the door.

The deadline for booking a room with our group is July 31, 2016 and the hotel always sells out that weekend, so don't hesitate to book asap. Click on the link below to go directly to the hotel reservations website and if prompted, enter the group code of: A6SLC09


Because we no longer have to arrange catering for an expensive ballroom meal, we can offer this four day spanking cocktail party at the super affordable price of forty dollars per person. This covers soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee drinks, all manner of alcoholic refreshments, lots of sweet and salty and snacks and of course, socializing, spanking-style. Spanking is encouraged in our suite.

Other guests will also host suite parties that weekend and encourage more spanking. In addition to our evening soirees, there will be a Bad Boys Suite on Saturday afternoon, open to all ticket holders and other yet to be scheduled events, such as Spanking Court.

Many people enjoy taking a few hours off from spanking here and there to take in some Vegas sites and activities. Others never leave the hotel premises. This is our 25th year of hosting parties, hence our Silver Anniversary.

Looking forward to seeing all our old friends and meeting many new ones soon!


Snow Mercy tames the Southwest, one naughty bottom at a time.

Snow Mercy and Layla Savage co-star in, Correct Her If She's Wrong, a domestic discipline drama, featuring hard spanking, vigorous paddling, and to finish, a strict, twelve stroke caning.

The video gets off to a traditional start, as Snow begins to teach a disobedient houseguest that her will is not to be flouted.

White panty fans, take note! Panythose fans too.

Lots of over the knee spanking!

The results of the twelve stroke caning.

Post-punishment embarrassment. And Snow Mercy in a stunning corset, black hose and stiletto heel ensemble.


Scenes from Houseboy Blues, our newest male submissive, female dominant video, starring Snow Mercy and introducing Slave Fluffy!

What could be more appropriate to discipline a submissive young man than a traditional, over the knee spanking on the bottom, with his jeans and boxers tugged down.


I'm pretty sure that of the thousands of bad boys currently viewing this photo, most would willingly take the place of houseboy Mike across Snow's lap.


A wide razor strop on a handle spreads the heat across houseboy Mike's round, compact bottom nicely.


But it is the power of wood that really gets the hapless lad's attention.


Snow always keeps her own custom wooden spoon on hand, to strike a traditional cord.


The ending caning is quickly becoming Snow signature finale statement. In this case, the count was twenty-four sharp strokes.



"Thank you, Mistress."

Thus ends our first production featuring a cute and sweet new male submissive, oddly named Slave Fluffy - because there's nothing soft or wussy about the way this boy can take corporal punishment! We plan to invite this very nice lad back to our studios many time, so that all of our top ladies can try their hand at reddening his muscular bottom. We loved his attitude and his petite body was excellent for all positions, especially over the knee. Snow was charmed as well, but it didn't prevent her from giving him a licking he'll remember for the rest of his life.



Have you seen our newest magazine,
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We've already had to reorder three times! People are loving it.

This new, all color magazine features a bottom-centric cavalcade of charming girls and ladies going over the laps of dominant women. Poignant paddlings, stringent strappings and over the knee spankings galore comprise this exquisite photographic collection from the vaults of Shadow Lane. Includes ten separate girl-spanks-girl photo spreads. All photos hand picked and captioned by Eve Howard, author of the Shadow Lane novels and director of Shadow Lane's video arm. Also features vintage Tarsis spanking art, which has long set the standard of beauty and taste in erotic illustrations. 63 pages. $21.95 ORDER MAGAZINE


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Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas with Eve Howard

Still thinking about that over the knee spanking you'd like to receive? Coming to Vegas soon? Customizing a spanking session is easier than you think. I'm a mature disciplinarian with many years of hands on spanking experience and have been into spanking my entire life. You've seen my videos and know I understand every aspect of this exciting pastime/hobby/obsession that we share.

I do love traditional role play scenes, where I am someone's teacher, aunt, mother or dominant wife. If you want to be scolded and subjected to ritualistic embarrassment, that can easily be supplied along with your spanking; but if you just choose to float in sub space while you receive a long, slow build up and then a sustained assault on your main erogenous zone, that is just as legitimate a way in which to enjoy your own, personal corporal punishment scene. Some people simply like to chat while getting spanked. It takes all kinds to make a spanking scene and I'm very flexible.

If you plan to query me, please share with me some of your history in spanking, your experiences, and of course your specific expectations. For my requirements, write me at: eve@shadowlane.com or text your message to me at:  eve_howard@icloud.com