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End of December 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Presenting choice pix from our timely Christmas spanking video, Yule Be Sorry, starring Ms Venus Divine as Mrs. Claus, Violet October as her naughtiest helper elf and introducing Layla Savage, in her first spanking and first Shadow Lane video, as the second hapless helper, who comes in for spanking, paddling, strapping and a stinging twiggy whipping with a cinnamon birch rod from the hard to please Mistress of the North Pole.

Mrs. Claus tells Violet she will spank Layla until Violet successful builds a house of thirty cards. She begins Layla's spanking over the tall, lissome elf's panties, but eventually these are tugged down, to reveal an extremely shapely bottom, already stained dark red, from Mrs. Santa's punishing hand.

Mrs. Santa is an evil bitch. She sees how good Violet is at building a house of cards and decides to handicap her elf by pushing the table. No way is Layla getting off with a short spanking.

Perhaps you have noticed by now that Ms Venus Divine is looking blazing hot this season. This fierce woman is a force to be reckoned with in the scene. Naturally, Violet October was putty in her hands. That little blue haired elf is a funny girl. The more you redden her bottom, the more interested she becomes. And the stricter the top you hand her to, the happier she is.

The birch took both elves by surprise. It started out full, but by the end of the scene, it had flown almost completely to pieces. We were sweeping up twigs for days.

There's nothing about this shot I don't like.

Final shot from the video.

You can purchase Yule Be Sorry on DVD here:  CLICK ME

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

 Stocking Stuffer Alert!

More vintage Shadow Lane publications just unearthed!

There's still time to stuff these little cuties in your own stocking this holiday season, but supplies are extremely limited, so order now!


These magazines represent a significant part of Shadow Lane's history and the history of the scene itself at the end of the 20th century.

Just before social media exploded on the internet, people would buy these magazines, answer the ads, meet others, date and in many cases, form lifetime relationships with other spanking enthusiasts for the first time in their lives.

A large number of our female models originally found our small classified ads in Cosmo, subsequently bought these magazines, then our videos, and eventually became comfortable enough about being into spanking to offer to perform in spanking videos themselves. Almost all of our male models also started out as customers, though they most likely found our ads in Penthouse Variations and Taboo.

Almost all of our customers throughout the last decade of the 20th century, relied on publications to both point them to and then guide them through their initial scene adventures. Shadow Lane publications were considered top of the line, both editorially and graphically, mostly thanks to the sophisticated layouts designed by Butch Simms and the wonderful illustrations provided by Brian Tarsis. Each issue also features a lengthy Shadow Lane story by me.

We've recently gone back into the publication business and I am currently at work on a girl spanks girl magazine called Female Spanks Female Photoplay. I'm still collecting editorial material for that publication and welcome Letters to the Editor on the subject of females spanking females. I am also currently collecting material for the next issue of Stand Corrected. Please direct your letters to either publication to: eve@shadowlane.com

Updated List of Currently available Vintage Shadow Lane publications


Stand Corrected Jr. #1

Published in 1998, With articles, advice on spanking fantasies, illustrations by Brian Tarsis and Fritz, fiction, spanking in the media, spanking in comics and magazines, a Shadow Lane story, intro to the Scene, spanking from classic movies, and of course, lots of very old personal ads. Don't answer the ads, they are old. But this issue is a beauty. $20.00 (3 copies in stock at time of this writing.)


Stand Corrected Jr. #2

Just one of these available from 1998. Spanking in the movies, fiction, Brian Tarsis illustrations, color photos, a Shadow Lane story, and personal ads too old to answer. Someone grab this endangered species, it's the last of its kind. $20.00

Stand Corrected Jr. #3

One issue left. Grab it for there will never be another like it. From 1998. With a great Shadow Lane story and a truly classic Tarsis illustration, survey results, ads and more. $20.00

Stand Corrected Jr. #4

Published in 1998. With a Shadow Lane story, color photo stories, a Dolores Cortez article, A Philip Kemp story, Tarsis illustrations, photos from our Palm Springs party weekend, ancient personal ads of historical interest. Only 2 issues left! $20.00


Stand Corrected Jr. #5

From 1999, another extreme rarity, only one copy left. Results of another survey, color photo story, letters from readers, stories by Eve, Phil Kemp and Dolores, spanking in the media, Tarsis illustration, ads. $20.00


Stand Corrected Jr. #8

We actually have three of these in stock. A real beauty of a collectors' item. With a photo story, my article on Spanking in the 20th Century, a Philip Kemp literary pastiche on Brave New World, Taris illustration, party photos, Paula Meadows tribute, a Shadow Lane story and ads. $20.00

Scene One Issue #18

The issue just before we went color, from 1997. Only 2 left. Includes a Shadow Lane story, Tarsis illos, Spanking from the movies, Scene Terminology, A Philip Kemp story, vintage illustrations and more. Also, old, old, very old ads. Read the ads for fun only, don't answer them. $15.00

Scene One Issue #17

Only 3 in stock! From 1997. Features: spanking in the movies, fiction, Tarsis illustration, party photos, letters from readers. Very old ads. Don't answer them, they are old. $15.00

Scene One Issue #16

From 1996, Features a photo illustrated Spankings from the Movies article, an interview, 3 pieces of fiction, a Contessa illustration, and lots of vintage ads. Only 1 copy left! $15




Shadow Lane's 12 Days Of Xmas <-- click here

We close with the Shadow Lane version of the 12 Days of Christmas, designed by Butch Simms and written by yours truly.

Have a lovely, warm, safe New Year's Everyone, and we'll see you in '16!