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Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts!

Two of my most favorite spanking ladies came to Shadow Lane to raise a little cain last weekend. It was the Good Cop Bad Cop reunion video, titled "Red Butts Matter", and fourteen years later, the original cast is still hot and juicy, maybe even more so.



Clare Fonda and Steve Fuller reprise their roles as Officers Verdana and Bookman.

Assigned to guard a shady blonde, who has just given evidence at a mob trial, Verdana and Bookman install the witness in a safe house, prior to her final relocation. Verdana seems to recognize their shapely charge but can’t place her as yet.


Up to her old tricks at once, as soon as Bookman leaves, Verdana insists on strip searching Miss Williams.



This is highly irregular and completely unnecessary, considering Miss Williams is no longer under arrest, but merely on her way to witness relocation. In other words, Verdana is out of order.


Verdana probes a little too far and Miss Williams gets mad.


Before Verdana can get her dress off, Miss Williams turns the tables on her fresh captor and tears off Verdana’s clothes instead, forcing that bad cop to present her bottom for the smacking she has coming.


 Bookman returns to discover the unfortunate turn of events and despairing of Verdana’s unprofessional behavior in letting herself be manhandled by a witness in her own custody, turns her over his knee. Meanwhile, told to disrobe completely for her share of the punishment, Miss William’s Celtic cross immediately reminds Verdana of who this former petty criminal is, for they have all crossed paths long ago.


She may have changed her hair and bra size, but it’s the same Darling the officers knew of old. (With an even higher pain tolerance.)



Later that day, ignoring Bookman’s injunctions that they are to stay  inside the house and not attract attention, Verdana allows herself to be persuaded by Miss Williams to go in the pool, first in the cute, government issue swim suits they find in the house, and then, completely nude.


When Bookman discovers that they have disobeyed him, there’s hell to pay, first quickly, outside, with their bottoms wet, while turned under his arm, then inside, for a long, satisfying, side by side spanking. This scenario, is all hand spanking, by the way. And Fuller has a very large, hard hand to put it over with.



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Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas
with Eve Howard

Visiting Vegas this year? Want some excitement that doesn’t involve luck? A spanking session is a payoff you can count on. 

You may have a very definite idea of what you crave, from a special list of implements to positions to phrases to attitude. Or, you may only know that you want and need to be spanked. 

With someone like me, who has been into spanking their entire life, unless you have special instructions to the contrary, I tend to concentrate on over the knee discipline, supported by bend over punishments. If you leave it all to me, I will likely submit you to a long, otk spanking, pretty much bare bottom from the outset, with short breaks to examine your reddening bottom in the mirror, then, half way through the session, shift to bending you over for implements that work best in that position, such as paddles, straps, and if they are to your taste or curiosity, canes. Then I tend to finish with another over the knee spanking. 

I can work with or without a set scenario, that’s entirely up to the spankee. I understand that some people just like to get spanked while they float away into subspace and that others are more interested in sharp scolding and learning lessons from their discipline. Tell me, when you write, what suits you best. If you’ve played with professional ladies before, please tell me who you have seen. The more you tell me of your own personal spanking history, the better our time together can be. Write: eve@shadowlane.com for my requirements. I do best with at least a few days prior notice.