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Greetings, Spanking Enthusiasts!

And Happy Holidays.


In honor of the season, this blog features 12 of the best photos from our
latest video, Rude Awakening, starring Stevie Rose and Kyle Johnson.


Stevie gets a rude awakening from Kyle for oversleeping through her job
interview that morning.

He's working three jobs and she barely makes it to her one part time gig.
No wonder Kyle's indignant!


He's only twenty something, but this boy is a hardcore spanker.


Stevie's gorgeous bottom colors up quickly under the relentless smacking
doled out to her by her strict spouse.


It isn't easy being a modern girl with an old fashioned husband. She can't
wheedle her way out of this, he knows her too well.


Kyle administers an admonitory spanking to Stevie
before she leaves the house, to remind her to behave
herself that day at work. Pantyhose fans, take note!


Kyle hopes that Stevie's sore bottom will remind her
to come straight home after work, even though it is
Friday night.


After discovering that Stevie has not put on a bra under
her work blouse, Kyle is disappointed in his bride's lack
of discretion.

Rude Awakening is the first video that Stevie Rose has ever appeared in topless!

Kyle decides that his wife needs a touch of the hairbrush to remind her not
to conduct herself like a little slut at the office.

The beautiful, submissive, 24 year old blonde Stevie is everything a
spanking guy wants his ladygirl to be.

This is one ripsnorting spanking scenario, with a real life couple who play hard.
Check out Rude Awakening from Shadow Lane as you enjoy your own warm
and rosy holiday!


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