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Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts!

Can you believe how fast this year is flying by?

Thanks to our generous suite hosts, enthusiastic guests, lovely models, fellow producers and all friends of Shadow Lane and the spanking scene, we were able to successfully host our 38th Spanking Party and celebrate Labor Day weekend in classic Shadow Lane style. 

For me, it was one of the best parties ever because I got to meet and play with, for the first time, several spanking fans I had been corresponding with for years and was very excited about meeting in person. Which brings me to a point I’d like to make about parties. Don’t let being shy with strangers cut you off from potential parties. Instead, do what many of us do, which is to establish contact with people, who already attend gala spanking events, or are thinking about doing so, beforehand. 

Of the two gentlemen I met, one had never been to a Shadow Lane party or any other type of social event. And even so, he got to play six times at his first spanking party. I can’t stress how important establishing even one good contact, through correspondence, can be, to having a life changing time at a spanking event. For when you meet someone you’ve been writing to, neither are strangers and each is well disposed to like the other and to do more to meet their play expectations. I have to admit, that with the one gentleman who had never been to any kind of event before, I was astonished he actually came. He described it as breaking out of his shell at last. And it happened just like that. Nor is this the first time such a thing has happened. In our scene, it’s happening all the time. Maybe we are shy with outsiders, people with whom we have little to relate to. But this is our scene. When we know each other a little, even just through correspondence, the shyness disappears and our real selves emerge.


Scenes from 3 Whack Jobs

Joe Stryker burst out of his own shell about ten years ago, and through his own tireless networking, generous suite hosting and welcoming personality, has redefined the entire party scene. He’s also become one of our favorite go-to spanking video tops. In his third video for Shadow Lane, we challenged him with three bad girls at once. This is the group therapy caning scene from the finale of 3 Whack Jobs (SLV-232d).


Maddy Marks appears in her first Shadow Lane video, here alongside our darling Ten Amorette and naughty neighbor girl in Vegas, Violet October. As you can see from the front and rear views of our three spanking graces that Joe did his job admirably.


The scenario is a familiar one for Shadow Lane, a spanking therapist attempts to help troubled individuals to change their harmful behavior patterns through corporal punishment aversion therapy.


Miss Amorette, so lovely and ladylike in her beautiful red dress, hose and heels, admits to her spanking therapist, that she tends to procrastinate, which results in lateness to work, and more importantly, in paying bills. The solution is, of course, to spank her over pantyhose and panties, then deliver a stinging punishment to her pearly posterior.


Maddy Marks, a voluptuous glamazon, also shows up for her initial interview elegant attired in a becomingly short knit dress, pantyhose and charming heels. She admits to her spanking therapist that she suffers from all the usual millennial complaints: an obsession with social media, detachment from the real world, never reading a book, etc. She doesn’t want to be shallow and distracted her whole life and seeks focus. Naturally, her bottom receives the same treatment as Ten’s, with a good spanking over her hose and panties before being bared for an even better one. Like Ten, Maddy’s bottom is exceptionally beautiful and well rounded, creamy and smooth. In fact, with her long, curly red ringlets, porcelain skin and gorgeous blue eyes, Maddy is a living doll.


Dr. Joe’s third spanking grace is Violet October, who goes Maddy one better with her own brand of millennial mischief, for she’s a hipster girl vampire, who sleeps all day and parties all night, almost never seeing the sun, to which fact her alabaster complexion attests. Little Violet just turned 26 and seems to be getting more beautiful every year. She also takes one of the best spankings in the world.


The DVD is available here


Scenes from Teacher’s Pet Peeve

Delightful Veronica Weston, 26, and a genuine spanking enthusiast, comes to us from the hardcore world, but is already taking the spanking scene by storm. This is her first video for Shadow Lane and only her third spanking video ever and her excitement at being in the studio about to shoot with the wonderful Dee Williams, was real. So was our excitement at getting to work with this gorgeous and adorable girl.


Teacher’s Pet Peeve is about a girl who loves her teacher so much that she begins stalking her; not only with notes and emails and on social media, but in person. In fact, the scene opens with Miss Williams having a conference with Veronica about this disturbing behavior.

What I really like about this scenario is that it’s realistic. (Up to a point, of course) How many of us have had mad crushes on our teachers? And being into spanking, as we are, didn’t we always hope that crush would resolve itself into some sort of spanking situation between ourselves and our crush worthy teachers? We knew it wasn’t quite right to follow our teachers home, hang around outside their house, in short, do everything possible to maximize our exposure to the persons we were so wrongfully objectifying. But we didn’t think there would be any consequences. In the case of Veronica and her teacher, there are instantaneous consequences!


After their discussion, Veronica is dismissed, but instead of going away to ponder what she has heard, the naughty love struck girl student, lingers outside Miss William’s house, peeping in her windows!


A pantyhose, panty and bare bottom spanking is the reward for teacher stalking, and Veronica gets all of that from the furious, and naked, Miss Williams the moment after she is caught.


Miss Willliams regroups by putting on a dress and getting Veronica naked for the remainder of that impudent bi-girl’s punishment spanking.


Veronica’s lovliness is on full display. Miss Williams realizes how embarrassing this must be for Veronica, but she must make her student understand how much her bad behavior is jeopardizing her own beloved teacher’s reputation.


The sweet but severe Miss Williams treats Veronica to a variety of implements as she continues to refresh the pinkness and sting in her student’s bottom. Does naughty Veronica ever get the message in the end? You be the judge!



The DVD is available here

We’re sure all our viewers will agree that just a taste of Veronica Weston isn’t going to be enough to satisfy anyone. So, we’re shooting with this lovely again in just about a week. Our next video with Veronica will co-star the ever popular Steve Fuller and our own darling Violet October. What a beautiful way to seal 2018!


My Swedish Correspondent Jo Ma, recently sent me this story and an original illustration to share with you:

Hello my friend!

How are you?

A week ago, when I was vacuuming my apartment I just had a spanking fantasy pop into my head, in an instant, all the details, like as if it was a forgotten memory that came back to me. I made a drawing of it and thought you might want to see it. I also wrote the fantasy down, hastily written, probably a lot of spelling errors and bad grammar. Hope you'll like it!


In the early 1970s in Sweden a 29 year old man called John is a secret spanko. With not much luck of finding any interesting spanking material except for the rare, just a few seconds-scene i mainstream movies, spankings on the bottom of jeans or skirts. He lives in a city. 

One day John has to go up north for work. He calls his aunt and wonders if its ok for him to stay with her and his 18 year old cousin Sandra for just one night. They live in a cozy cabin in a small village there. She says "of course" and tells him it's going to be very nice to get to see him again, they haven't met for five years. 

John gets to their cabin (in a beautiful environment with woods and streams all around) late in the evening. His aunt and cousin is away and will return in the morning, so it has been arranged so that he can pick up a key hidden under a rock. Their cabin is one made of wood with a slanted roof. The upper floor of their cabin is just a loft (with slanted ceiling) where there is a bed and you get up there by climbing a ladder. John places all his stuff on that loft. As he lays down on the bed he looks over the edge of it and down on the floor below. There is the small living room, a table and a couch. His aunt and cousin each have one small bedroom on the lower floor. He falls asleep. 

John wakes up the morning after from loud noises. Disorientated, he doesn't know where he is or what the fuss is all about. A second later he makes out the sound to be loud repeated slaps that echo in the cabin and wailing, sobbing and bawling. He peeks over the edge of his bed and what he sees is something that almost makes his heart stop from the shock. The 100% pleasant shock - this is the most arousing thing he has witnessed ever. What he sees is exactely what is in the drawing (the back of his head can be seen at the bottom of it). Quickly, as if on instinct, he picks one of his socks from the floor, puts it on his now throbbing hard cock, and starts humping the bed while at the same time looking down at the scene below. The scene that does seem to go on forever, no matter how much poor Sandra struggles, screams or wails. After he has had the most powerful orgasm in his life, the whole thing continues for about thirty seconds more, Sandra a blubbering very sorry mess at this time. Sandra, who John hasn't seen for 5 years, not even in photos. Sandra, who has become a stunning beauty. 

A few minutes later Sandra is on her bed on her belly, the door locked. She cries in her pillow. Her bottom still bare. Her glowing red, stinging burning bottom. Crying from the pain, but also from shock. She, Sandra, the confident young woman has gotten a SPANKING! She never thought that would happend! On her BARE ass!!! How humiliating! But then her embarrassment increases even more as she hears her mother's embarrassed and shocked voice from the living room. And a man talking to her. To her shock Sandra now remembers that her older cousin has slept over. On the loft. Both her and her mother had forgotten about it! 

The reason for Sandra's spanking had been an argument as they got home in the morning. Sandra had wanted to go to a hippie festival down south. Her mom had said no. Sandra had said that she does what she wants to - she's 18. Her mom had said "my house, my rules". Sandra had told her mom to "fuck off!", shouted at her. Her mom had been furious and demanded an apology. Sandra had stupidly repeated herself. Then her mom had grabbed her by the ear, intent on really teaching her a lesson. 

This is all so embarrassing. Right after her spanking and days, weeks, months afterwards, Sandra obsesses with what she thinks, hope not, but kind knows what her cousin has seen. She even herself gets up on the loft and looks down. She realises that he MUST have woken up by her wailing and the hard slaps. He must have peeked down. And WHAT a view he has had of her then, Sandra blushes just from thinking about it.


3 years later Sandra is about to start going studying journalism. A night before she gets access to her dorm room she borrows John's apartment, in the same city. Luckily he is away in business. Luckily, because meeting him would be so embarrassing. Sandra snoops around his apartment a little. She finds his diary. She finds an entry in it, just a few days after her horrifying spanking. And there it is, his detailed description of it. Written by a true spanko, no detail spared. Sandra almost faints from embarrassment when she reads about how he has seen her, and what he has done while watching her. Descriptions of her "cute little asshole", her "bawling like a baby" and her "glowing red bare ass."


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas
with Eve Howard

I run my spanking sessions pretty much as I do my videos, with the emphasis on over the knee spanking. Notice how closely I’m holding Cheyenne? Once over my lap, you don’t get away.

There’s no substitute for a good, solid piece of spanking furniture, to properly position, expose and display a bare bottom for corporal punishment.


I like to change it up during a session, staring with over the knee, moving to bend over positions, but the focus is always the same, on the miscreant’s upturned bottom. As in Motivational Spanking, Violet October is often available to join me in sessions, as is Miss Gretta Carlson!

If you’re planning a visit to Vegas in the near future and fancy a genuine, Shadow Lane style spanking session, write me (Email: eve@shadownlane.com) a note or a letter and tell me all about yourself and your history in the scene, and especially what you’re looking for in a spanking session. I’ve been into spanking all my life and have done all sorts of role play scenes, so please feel comfortable sharing your fantasies with me.  I’ll let you know how we can make them happen.