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Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts!

It’s Spring again and that means three to four hundred of the most adventurous among us, are flying or driving to spanking events all around the country. There are parties in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Chicago, and of course our party in Vegas on Labor Day weekend.

This would include a core of people who come year after year and then, new attendees, who manage to find these events. But, why hundreds and not thousands? Part of it has to do with the rather exclusive grapevine through which these events are publicized, namely on the party hosts’ individual websites, Fetlife or Twitter. There are no big ads for them. They aren’t even slightly mainstream. They are just for we, the initiated.

The second reason why spanking events are not gigantic, is that most people are intimidated by the idea of putting themselves out there, in a social milieu, with others of our kind. It may seem a little scary, there may be fears that the other guests are weird, too old or too young, too pretty or not cute enough, too wild or unpredictable, too sexy or stodgy, to fixated on scene etiquette and therefore uptight or judgmental, or too potentially volatile. In other words, people are afraid of the unknown. And furthermore, it is more than reasonable to be cautious when entering a brand new social scene that has the potential to a. physically hurt you, albeit consensually and b. to potentially “blow your cover” so to speak, as an ordinary vanilla citizen. That’s why dedicated party hosts have newbies orientations suites and disciplinarians conduct Q & A sessions. Also, if you’ve never been to a party, Tony and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have if you just call us at 702-395-0763. But rest assured, we understand privacy issues. And we understand the concerns of those who have never played before. We will be there in the main suite to answer questions.

Pictures from parties are mostly of models. This is because most guests need to be careful with their secret lives and simply don’t elect to be photographed. This doesn’t mean that the only people you will see or meet at parties are models. Far, far from it!

Just realize that spanking people are simply a cross section of humanity, but with the twist that we all have in common our love of the scene. It’s easy to talk to a spanking person. Much easier than to make conversation with a stranger at a straight world party.

What is the most logical way to start a conversation with a person at a spanking party? Simply ask their orientation. People like being asked that. Not only do most people enjoy talking about themselves, but it immediately puts both people at ease because they are honestly stating who they are and why they are at the party. “I’m a switch.” “I’m a top.” “I’m a submissive or spankee.” “I’m a dominant switch.” “I’m 70% bottom, 30% top.” All of these are answers that immediately give you something to launch a conversation from. Another good question, “Would you say you were experienced?” This can lead to anything from hearing the story of someone’s life to their confession that their experiences are mostly of the voyeuristic kind, or that they are still having fantasies off their childhood experiences, but have yet to play, and that’s why they finally came to a party.

Spanking people are nothing to be afraid of! They are us and they are you, if you’re reading this.

If you’re a dreamer, not a player yet, know that all the pleasures you dream of, are not impossible to obtain. Nothing this sublime comes easily. You do have to bestir yourself to action and put yourself out there once in a while. The rewards are immense. That’s why some of the most ordinary and average looking and appearing people in the scene, as well as the hot, young hipsters, are leading fabulously exciting secret lives of scene friendships, parties, playing, relationships, etc. They were proactive and they seized their opportunities.

This year, come to your first spanking party!


Casino Royale Party 2019

Join us for our 39th event in 28 years!

Labor Day weekend, September 2019 at The Suncoast Hotel Casino in Las Vegas

Tickets are $80.00 per person. This admits you to our cocktail party and spanking mixer all four nights.

Hard and soft drinks and snacks provided each night and playing encouraged in all party suites.

Not sure of our suite numbers yet, but there will be two anchor suites to wander between, along with other suites open for play and visiting throughout the weekend.

Many events of interest to spanking fans will occur over the long weekend. Such as: Newbies orientation, Judicial Court, Club Finn female pampering spa, Bad Boys Suite, Littles, Middles, Silent Auction, Cigar social, Vendor Fair, Discipline seminars and more. Of course, most important of all, opportunities for meeting people and playing with them, both in the public rooms, and/or in private. And, as important as playing, is being with your old friends and making new ones in the scene. Also, you’ll be in Vegas!

Shadow Lane Registration Suite Schedule

Thursday 8/29/19

4 pm – 7 pm Opens for Registration (get your button from Tony, Eve or Butch)

Suite closes for two hours, reopens at 9 pm - midnight

Friday 8/30/19 and Saturday  8/31/19 7 pm to midnight

Sunday 9/1/19 8 pm to Midnight

Host with the Most, Dr. Lectr, tends to keep his suite open throughout the weekend, regardless of hour.

Activities schedules will be posted in both suites. Other suite parties will be announced and on the schedules.

Use our shopping cart to order ticket online

Or call us at: 702-395-0783 to order by phone

Or send checks/money orders to us, made out to: Shadow Lane, our mailing address is:

Shadow Lane, P.O. Box 751573, Las Vegas, NV 89136-1573

Party attire and protocol: Fetish wear (super short skirts, uniforms, corsets, latex, etc.) is always welcome in our suite, but please be discreet when going down to the casino, so as not to attract undue attention to our group. 

Be as discreet in your behavior, don't engage in obvious spank talk in elevators, pool areas or anywhere in the hotel other than our suites and your own rooms. Keep doors to suites and rooms closed. No playing in the halls. No signage on rooms, per request of the hotel. 

If you’re on fetlife.com, visit Shadow Lane Spanking for updates and notes on who will be attending. If you have questions, call or text us at: 702-395-0783

Do not invite other hotel guests or employees to "check out" our party. Only Shadow Lane ticket holders are welcome in our private suites. What do you say if someone asks you what kind of group you’re with? I suggest: A Debating Club. Dr. Lectr likes the phrase “Speaking Society”. Both work great. Bottom line, no pun, it’s none of anyone else’s business why we are partying all weekend.

All ticket holders will receive a spiffy, collectible Shadow Lane party button upon arrival at our suite, that will serve as their admission token to all events.  Wear your button whenever you enter a party suite that weekend.

Cutoff date for guaranteed room reservations at the group rates is July 28th, 2019. The party officially starts on Thursday night and goes through Sunday. Some guests may get there as early as Wednesday and stay through Monday, as low weekday group rates apply.


Group Rates for the party week

Sunday through Thursday $65; Friday and Saturday $125 for regular deluxe and golf view rooms (add $5 more for golf view rooms each night)

Sunday through Thursday $249, Friday and Saturday $299 1 bedroom executive suite

Sunday through Thursday $319, Friday and Saturday $399 2-bedroom Mediterranean suite

Sunday through Thursday $529, Friday and Saturday $599 2-bedroom Presidential Suite

Hotel has a mandatory resort fee of $20.99 plus a 13% room tax per per day. Benefits include access to the 24-hour fitness center, Wi-Fi in the guest rooms, self-parking, single serve coffee brewers, in-room safe, in-room refrigerator, unlimited toll free and local telephone calls, wake up service and paging. 

Prior to cut-off date, individuals are encouraged to book their reservations on-line. To receive your special group rate members will need to enter the assigned Reservation ID: ASHDW19 through the Hotel’s website HERE

Prior to cut-off date, individuals may also call Hotel’s Room Reservations Department direct at 866-636-7111 Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. and identify themselves as members of a group or convention with Reservation ID: ASHDW19

If you have any questions call us at 702 395 0783 or text us to that number. Or, email me: eve@shadowlane.com

Meanwhile, I have a lovely line up of recent videos to share photos from!

Scenes from The Naughty Flirt

Introducing our strict new top, Erin Faye!

Erin lures her sexy neighbor girl into her house on an innocent pretext, but really, the indignant brunette means to physically confront the vixen next door, for coming onto her boyfriend!


Violet has been getting Erin’s guy to do chores, fix things and pay court to her, which leads directly to Erin taking Violet over her lap and spanking her luscious bottom as smartly as she can, as both a punishment and a warning.

Erin drives her message home with a tawse, a paddle and strap.


Shadow Lane is delighted to introduce serious new female top Erin Faye to our ranks! This was her professional spanking video debut and we look forward to working with her again.

I’d also like to draw attention to her marvelously luxurious two yards of hair! It’s all real and quite a joy to behold.


Violet October is as always, an enchanting little brat.

The Naughty Flirt is available HERE


Scenes from Deep in the End Zone

Starring Dee Williams and Nikki Rouge


Clinical therapist Dee Williams is caught freelancing clients away from Braemar by strict supervisor Nikki Rouge, who declares that only the most severe correction will save Dee from dismissal.

This means a spanking, a paddling, a butt-plugged flogging, an enema and a stringent 24 stroke caning for the erring employee.


This fabulous corporal punishment drama takes Dee from fully dressed, to classic retro foundation garments with seamed hose to fully nude, cane striped and thoroughly purged of her naughtiness!


Dee receives a brisk flogging while plugged. Look at Nikki’s beautiful, graceful form, combining elegance and power, while her buxom blonde submissive just takes it all in. She really has no choice.


Through the generosity of a spanking angel that we know, we are able to occasionally produce one of these enema discipline tour de force videos. And this same patron of the scene, always has one more requirement of our submissive, that she also endure a hard, 24 stroke, post enema caning. Here is the end result.

Deep in the End Zone is available HERE

Scenes from Spoiler Alert


Veronica Weston and Steve Fuller

A mischievous blonde is spanked by a stern male top over pantyhose and panties, bare bottomed and fully nude; with hand, paddle and strap!



Naughty, sexy Veronica catches the attention of a cute man in her book club, by posting the endings of the novels they are reading, for all the outraged members to see. Steve is drafted to eject her from the club or punish her infamous breech of etiquette. Veronica opts for the corporal punishment and goes for a memorable ride across Steve’s sturdy lap.


Pantyhose pinioned and sexily spread, with her bare bottom up-thrust, Veronica’s beauty is breath taking. This ingenious restraint is inspired by the most spirited leg kicking and flirtatious giggling imaginable.

Another look at one of the most exquisite bottoms in the West.


Veronica is delectably nude for the later part of the story and takes a great spanking from start to finish. Steve is, as usual, a superb top.

Spoiler Alert is available HERE


Remembering Four Spanking Friends

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of four friends of Shadow Lane and active party attendees, some for decades, who have left this world in the last few months. If you’ve been to many a party over the years, you’re bound to remember one or more of these fine people.

The first was known as “Ben Man” in the scene. He was a very sweet older gentleman from Maryland, who came to many parties and kindly patronized a number of models so that he could live out some of his wildest fantasies in his later years. My dear friend Brad D., lived near him; and because poor Ben’s family was depleted by grave illnesses, Brad stepped in at the end and was like a son to Ben, visiting him all the time and giving him what comfort and support he could. When friends act like family, they become family. And there are many such families in our scene.

Next to pass away was Bill G. from Maine. Bill and his dear wife Evie came to our parties for about twenty-five years. His last party was about three years ago, and he was already eighty. They were a devoted, darling couple. She supported his love of spanking and even when in delicate health herself, came to every party with him. Bill was an ardent Democrat and we are especially sad that he didn’t get to see his favorite, Joe Biden make his bid for the WH. He would have gotten such a kick out of that.

Many of our West Coast party goers will remember Lou, of Lou and Candee. He was a lovely top with a big beard and rather a BDSM/Santa Claus aspect to him. He also passed away at the end of the winter. He gave Butch and Tony a lot of incredibly useful auto repair advice last year. Our condolences go out to our dear friend Candee. We are so sorry for your loss. He was beloved and will be extremely missed.

Finally, and I’m sure this announcement will resonate with many more of us, “The London Tanner”, Ian, has died this week, in Malaga, Spain, after struggling with many illnesses for the last several years. I don’t think I know a serious player who doesn’t own two or three of his magnificent leather paddles or straps, for he made the best there ever was. His implements were made to last a lifetime and those of us who are lucky enough to own some, will continue to cherish these beautiful, strong, handmade objects of our special culture.

Ian was kind of a celebrity. He was an original Mod, even did some modeling in the 60’s, and had a small part in the film “Performance” starring Mick Jagger.

Ian loved to party, in every possible way, bless his heart. And he was the life of the party as well. No one who met him, can ever forget him. Farewell to a splendid fellow, and a true character, who lived the scene, gave to the scene, loved it and made it a better scene through his skills and presence in it.

Happily, The London Tanners line of implements is in very good hands, you can still purchase their magnificent toys HERE


Spanking Sessions in Vegas
with Eve Howard

Picture yourself over my lap! This unique pleasure can be yours on your next trip to Las Vegas. Never had a spanking but have dreamt of one for as long as you can remember? I’d be a fine introductory top, for I’m not a sadist or at all irresponsible. What I am is as into spanking as anyone you will ever meet. I know how to not mark someone, yet give them a good scene. But if you’re a more experienced player and crave a proper lambasting, with the stripes to prove it, I’m more than happy to oblige.

If you’re interested, but have trepidations, there’s no harm in writing me and asking me questions. There’s no commitment to making an inquiry. I enjoy straight spanking, role playing and cross dressers. What I’m not up for is anything explicit. that might not be within the bounds of what is legal and proper. I’m a disciplinarian, not a mistress or a dominatrix, and my focus is on traditional corporal punishment. But I also understand that every person does not crave the same amount of pain or degree of strictness. This is where communication is key.

Email me at: eve@shadowlane.com

Or text me at: 702-395-0783 and I’ll let you know my requirements. If you write, please tell me as much as possible about yourself and your experiences with spanking. The more I know, the better I can tailor our time together.


Erin Faye Spanks in Vegas too!

Our newest Shadow Lane top, Erin Faye, is a Vegas disciplinarian too and you may contact her about her session requirements by writing to her at: SinsationalSpanking@gmail.com Erin would also be delighted to join us in a double, if you fancy being punished by two strict ladies at once. Visit her website:
Sinsatinal Spankings

Cheers for now and one more thing, if you’re a submissive or switchable male and plan to attend the Shadow Lane Labor Day party, please be aware that there is always a Bad Boys’ Suite on Saturday afternoon, wherein I, and a number of other top ladies, usually six to eight of us, will be ready to hand out free sample spankings to all comers. Do not miss this opportunity to meet a bunch of fem doms and get spanked by them in a congenial environment. It’s super fun! (But it’s also Summer in Vegas, so be sure to shower right before you come into the suite, as it can get a little sultry with so many of us ladies spanking, strapping and paddling so many bad boys at once!)