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Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

Do you like our Gauguin girls of Summer? That's Amy Faye and Casey
Calvert in the delicious pool scene from our newest video, Villa de Bootie,
(SLV-203d) available the first week in July.

In this story, Kyle Johnson invites his two best friends, Amy and Casey,
to keep him company in his uncle's stunning home, in return for helping
him keep it in order. But naturally, the girls let him down.

Little Amy Faye makes her Shadow Lane debut in Villa de Bootie. This
extra-petite blue eyed nymph is a natural beauty with a delectable body
and sweetly submissive nature.

The mischief instigator is of course, Casey Calvert. You've loved her in
such videos as Disciplinarian Mom, and Sorority Hellion, as well as her
unforgettable scene with Larry Selden in our Spanking 301, A Punishment
Potpourri video. This is the first time we've matched her up with a boy
around her own age and the results are so satisfying.

Now 27, the lean, new Kyle Johnson demonstrates his mastery of the art
of spanking. With two spritely brats to take in hand this time, he's got his
work cut out for him. After watching this nude spanking scene, you may
also have to jump in a pool to cool off.


InViolet (SLV-202d) is the second of our new Spring releases.
It stars darling Violet October and handsome Arthur in the
story of a girl who just can't get the kind of disciplinary
spanking she craves from boys her own age.

Violet wants more than just spanking. Anal
penetration changes everything.

Finally, a video where the true Violet is allowed to emerge. This happy
masochist found true ecstasy that afternoon in Arthur's capable hands.

Violet couldn't believe it when we told her, "It's okay to smile in this one."
She actually couldn't stop smiling. What an exquisite little original is this
Violet October. This precocious 22 year old seems to embody the whole
heart and soul of the scene, its tender purity and reckless decadence all
rolled into one intriguing package.


And now some scenes from our new video, Nikki Rouge, Disciplinarian!

One summer day, life coach Nikki Rouge, calls her slacker charges to
account for their unsatisfactory efforts at self-improvement.

First Miss Violet October is punished with a clever pocket paddler that
fits right over her hand.

Next, the luscious Summer Hart is drawn across
Nikki's lap to have her voluptuous seat polished hot
pink with her maple smacker.

Later that day, the punishments resume, as the girls
are scolded and touched up with leather for the usual
girlish excesses. I won't recap the scolding because
Nikki's style is uniquely her own and will tickle you pink
with its enthusiasm and creativity.

This video bursts with beauty in three different styles. First
you have the leggy, lissome Nikki Rouge, trained ballet dancer,
intuitive fashionista and unselfconscious comedienne. (Nikki
always wears her own shoes and they are always killer.) Next,
there is stunning, red velvet cupcake Summer Hart, with a
bottom and bosom to die for, a complexion only Botticelli
could reproduce and the sweetheart face of a comic book
heroine from the 1940's. And there in the background, abides
the quietly smouldering little Violet October, of the delicate
proportions and alabaster skin, who keeps getting more
interesting every time we film her.

Talking about unwrapping a beautiful present, that's
what it's like every time Violet's dainty undies come
down. And by the way, everyone makes passes at
girls who wear glasses nowadays.

In an unexpected turn around, the girls overcome their
teacher and take advantage of her vulnerability when
she returns to the summer house late, after attending a
costume party clad in a miniscule plaid pleated skirt.
This, incidentally, is the exact kind of outfit we are
seeing sported by more and more girls at spanking

Nikki Rouge lets down her panties and hair for the rollicking finale.


Shadow Lane's iconic magazine from the turn of the century is as a phoenix, reborn after a dozen year hiatus, during which spanking fans worldwide sorely missed it. Filled with beautiful spanking images, interesting observations from lifelong spanking enthusiasts, delightful spanking fiction and original illustrations by the one and only Tarsis, the new issue will be a welcome addition to every collector's library of fine spanking erotica.

In Stand Corrected 14, editor Eve Howard interviews refined retro minx Zille Defeu, who then poses in a wonderful open bottomed girdle, seamed stockings and six inch heels, as well as for a charming photo spread where she is spanked by her real life husband in a domestic setting.

The featured article divides the results of Shadow Lane's first survey of the 21st century into pithy and apt comments from our readers, on what charms men into spanking and what impresses women into spanking, in the context of a first spanking date. Next comes a series of voluptuous pictorials that focus on pretty female spankees in pajamas, featuring Sybil Hawthorne, Madison Young, Sophy Nova spanked by Venus Divine and Sarah Gregory spanking her girlfriend, Heather Green. Our English correspondent, the excellent Philip Kemp, has presented us with a recently discovered unpublished chapter of Great Expectations, with the spanking scene that was discreetly omitted from Dickens' final manuscript, illustrated by Brian Tarsis. In the pictorial Domestic Disturbance, Shadow Lane art director Butch Simms spanks his housemaid Sybil in traditional style. Then Eve Howard shares her favorite photos from her recent return to videos as a top lady, in a multi page spanking scrapbook section. In photos from the video Spanking 301, statuesque Snow Mercy submits to her friend Nikki Rouge for a spanking with leather implements. Meet some of our most luscious models in our Curvy Girl Gallery. And finally, see beautiful cover girl Amelia Jane Rutherford as well as adorable Ten Amorette spanked by longest standing Shadow Lane top Ralph Marvel, who began his spanking acting career in Shadow Lane video ten and performed most recently in our hundred and ninety-fourth production. Stand Corrected #14 (SC-14) 63 pgs. $19.95


Shadow Lane Labor Day Weekend Update

Suite Surrender Party

September 3rd - 7th, 2015

Announcing some big changes to the Shadow Lane party!

 We're not having a ballroom or expensive catered food this time. Instead, we will host an on-going, four night spanking and cocktail party in our two large suites at the Suncoast. The Shadow Lane suites will be open from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. from Thursday 9/3 - Sunday 9/6, for socializing and playing, with all sorts of alcohol, soft drinks, energy drinks, water and snacks available to guests each night.

Our scheduled events currently include:

Thursday Meet and Greet in our Suite

Check out our Stations of the Spanked, a series of spanking benches and other seats with a book next to each around our suites. If you play in one of these areas, put your names in the book. At the end of the weekend, we'll tally up the books and the persons most spanked and most spanking, will win prizes

Newbies suite hosted by Colodom and the lovely Spank4fun on Friday afternoon at 3pm

10 O'Clock Reports (school style corporal punishment) Demonstrations in the Shadow Lane suite on Friday night at ten p.m. Volunteers to spank and be spanked needed!

The Bad Boy's suite on Saturday from 2pm-4pm, hosted by Harry M, with various top ladies spanking men. Ladies who spank, please stop in! Contact Harrym on Fetlife.com if interested. 

Saturday Night at the Movies (and on TV)

Skits will be performed involving your favorite characters from movies or TV in the Shadow Lane suite. Cash prizes awarded to best skits. Volunteers needed!

A Spanking Court on Sunday at noon in the Shadow Lane suite, presided over by StrictDave

A bagel brunch on Sunday afternoon hosted by Bob and Ariele.

Sunday Night is Uniform Night. If you have a uniform that you enjoy, please wear it Sunday night!

Throughout the weekend, Vendors will have the option to set up in their rooms or larger suites or in the second Shadow Lane suite, at no charge, provided they are willing to watch over their own merchandise.

Various suite party hosts will also be opening their suites throughout the weekend for visiting and playing. There is a smart phone app available to track all of these soon and details are now posted on FetLife in the Shadow Lane Spanking group. There will also be a board in the Shadow Lane suite notating all of the open suites and events available throughout the weekend.

This may be the biggest Shadow Lane party ever. The ticket price will be $40.00 per person. This covers access to the Shadow Lane suites each night, unlimited drinks and bar snacks.

We have negotiated the best possible rates for Labor Day weekend, and have been given the 9 and 5 floors, with a block of 125 recently redecorated rooms.

The basic deluxe room on Friday & Saturday nights will be $109, $55 from Sunday - Thursday.

golf view rates $124 Fri & Sat, $70 Sun - Thur

1 bedroom executive suites $260 Fri & Sat, $200 Sun -Thur.

2 bedroom Mediterranean suites $325 Fri & Sat, $275 Sun - Thur.;1 bedroom Tuscany suites $485 Fri & Sat, $425 Sun -Thur. ; 2 bedroom Presidential suites $585 Fri & Sat, $525 Sun -Thur. These rates for our block are good from Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015 - Monday Sept. 7, 2015

We urge you to reserve your room or suite asap, as the hotel always sells out on Labor Day weekend. Cut off date for guaranteed group reservation rates is Aug. 3. 2015. After that, rooms may be available, but at the higher, prevailing rate.

Purchase tickets here:  Ticket Purchases

Reserve hotel rooms at Suncoast by phone: 866-836-7111

The group code is A5SLC09

website is: suncoastcasino.com/groups

Book your rooms at The Suncoast for the party here:  Make Reservations

The Suncoast Resort and Casino is located at: 9090 Alta Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89145

Any questions? Call us at 702-395-0783


Spanking Sessions with Eve Howard

Picture yourself here. I mean just where pretty Violet is, over my knee,
with your pants down around your knees, my hand holding you close by
the hip and my hairbrush raised to award your erring bottom the treatment
it deserves.

No matter how big and tall you may be, you'll
feel like a punished brat, over my knee! Write me
for details on planning your perfect spanking
session next time you're in Las Vegas. Write:
eve@shadowlane.com or Text me at: