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Eve Howard's Spanking Blog
December 2015

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

Doesn't Autumn go with spanking? 

This photo is from my recent birthday weekend in California. I can hardly believe that a full thirty years has passed from 1985, when I wrote my first spanking editorial for Spank Hard, under the pen name Lizzie Bennett. Even after all this time, all the articles, magazines, videos and parties, I still think of spanking as one of the most interesting topics in the world. And I'm more enthusiastic than ever about our scene.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our two most recent shoots.

Cheyenne Jewel and Arthur Sire in
To Spank A Super Heroine

In "To Spank A Super Heroine" we paired beautiful Cheyenne Jewel, now a sensational redhead, with one of our favorite tops, Arthur Sire.

This is a classic boyfriend spanks girlfriend scenario, with lots of jealousy inspired indignation and subsequent female squirming. It's all about a girl who goes to Comic Con and comes home with a wealthy groupie, who can't stop texting her and sending her presents.  When her lover gets wise to what's been going on, he knows he has to take a firm stand with his girlfriend or lose her to an aggressive rival. Of course, as always, spanking is the answer!

Arthur thinks, "She's getting an awful lot of texts." He doesn't know why yet, but he will soon.

White cotton panties and pantyhose fans, take note. Ladylike underpinnings will never go out of style.

Cheyenne Jewel was a bit more filled out and juicy for this shoot and with the new flame colored hair, she's sexier than she's ever been.

Fantastic chemistry prevailed in this jealousy tango between Cheyenne and Arthur.

Girls who dream of getting perfect spankings from their lovers, who desire long scenes, with lots of elegant spanking positions and just the right degree of strictness in their tops, show your man this video. Attitude is everything in controlling a sensuous submissive just the way she likes. Remember to be serious. Serious is sexy. When a spanker is serious, they can still spank moderately, yet move their submissive, even to tears. To get into the headspace of surrender, a lady likes her man to take a firm stand.

Having put on just a bit of weight, in all the right places, Cheyenne Jewel now displays one of the most perfectly rounded, firm and jutting bottoms in all of Spankingland.

This video is called To Spank A Super Heroine because in the second act, Chey dons a Super Girl costume and sneaks off to meet her wealthy Comic Con fan in his private penthouse suite at a luxe hotel. Arthur discovers that his girlfriend has also accepted the expensive boots she has on from her admirer, along with other presents. It is all most upsetting to him.

In classic spanking positioning, one always takes a girl around her waist to hold her in place. A hand can curve around the top, or under the waist. Either grip works well to control and stabilize the position of a spankee across one's lap.

In the final scene, Arthur bends Chey over and lays on with his palm and a paddle strap. Gently pulling a spankee's arm back and pinning it to her waist is another time-honored method of communicating firm control to one's submissive. It's a hot button move that keeps the connection strong between spanker and spankee.

To Spank A Super Heroine available here


Venus Divine and Summer Hart star in
The Delinquent Daughter-in-Law

After blowing  $7,000 on nightclub bottle service at a bachelorette party, Summer scrambles to pay the bill before her husband finds out.  Going to her wealthy mother in law in desperation, Summer gets down on her knees and begs Sylvia to pay her debt and keep her financial misbehavior a secret from her husband. Summer's wish is granted, but at the price of her lily white bottom. Sylvia spanks, hairbrush spanks and leather paddles some remorse into her carefree daughter-in-law with determination, and not a little satisfaction, as she always suspected her daughter-in-law was a spoiled brat.

In the first act, Summer receives over the knee hand spanking, over her skirt, panties and on the bare bottom.

A hairbrush is then firmly applied to Summer's lush backside until the auburn haired minx cries out for mercy. After a short pause, the admonitory punishment resumes. Summer's creamy globes go from white to pink to red, as the naughty girl squirms and squeals.


In act two, a nude Summer Hart reveals more curves than a scenic highway as Sylvia bends her over the piano bench for more corporal punishment. Now Summer is disciplined with an oval English leather paddle and the dreaded wooden hairbrush as well as Sylvia's hand.


At the conclusion, the chastened Summer is made to kneel before her new mistress and kiss the palm of the hand that has just spanked her. Delinquent Daughter-In-Law available here


Extremely fair of face and exquisitely proportioned, Summer Hart has the figure of a fertility goddess and the demeanor of an innocent and well reared girl, an irresistible combination in a spankee.


Venus Divine is back with a sleek new look, and her own Boston brand of dominant energy. No mistress takes greater wicked delight in reducing a submissive to stammers and blushes than this powerful top lady. Terrific action, delicious reactions and hot button dialog are the hallmarks of this instant Shadow Lane woman spanks girl classic.


Traditional Spanking Sessions
in Las Vegas

You know you want a spanking, why try to fight it? You're going to be in Vegas soon anyway. Give in to the urge and treat yourself to the over the knee experience you've been dreaming about. Customize your session to create your most treasured fantasy, with you in the starring role. I love roleplay and I love spanking naughty boys. But I also get into sensation based spanking scenes, without any particular roleplay, where the sub goes into their own blissful subspace just from being disciplined. If you're nervous or shy, don't worry. That's just normal. We can deal with that. The answer is spanking. It's always spanking. Except for when it's strapping, paddling and caning. I'm happy to answer all queries. Just drop a note to: eve@shadowlane.com with your travel schedule and what sort of scenario you've been thinking about and I'll tell you how we can make it happen.  Or call me at 702-395-0783, the Shadow Lane office line.

Doubles with Gretta Carlson, Venus Divine, Nikki Rouge and Violet October also possible with ample advance notice. Cheers until we meet!