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Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

And Happy New Year! First I'd like to share some photos from our latest video, The Rebellious Redhead, starring darling Summer Hart and Kyle Johnson. Then, please browse through my mini-retrospective of some of Shadow Lane people and the products they helped us make, over the last thirty years.

Kyle and Summer aren't playing a couple, but two roommates, who have agreed on a penalty pact, in case one or the other fails to perform their assigned chores or meet their financial commitments to the household. But Summer has broken the pact by not supplying her share of the rent in a timely fashion. As you can see, she has a bad attitude too.


Summer is a luscious, curvy girl with a creamy complexion and one of the most spankable bottoms ever, in this all hand spanking video.


Wouldn't you smile if you had this bouncy nude girl squirming across you lap?


Like to take a closer look?



This scenario includes some important tips on taking care of your own willing spankee. In this story, Summer plays a girl who poses in the nude for art classes, and thus can't afford to be marked from corporal punishment. And yet, she has to be spanked long and hard, to fulfill the agreement. So Kyle takes three precautions to keep her bottom unmarked, except for the beautiful rosiness that a good spanking really must impart. First, he sticks to hand spanking only. This is no problem for Kyle, he has a hard hand and tireless arm. Next, he pauses several times to apply a proper ice pack to Summer's sizzling seat. This cools, refreshes and more or less, tightens the skin, fending off the bruising that continuous vigorous smacking can sometimes cause. Finally, he massages Summer's upturned bottom with a soothing cream. (We used a luxurious one with the scent of Sugary Cinnamon Icing. Cocoa butter or Arnica are also favorites among hard players.)

A finishing cream massage is an affectionate way to conclude a scene that is enjoyed by many spankers and spankees. Even so, every spankee has different tastes and temperaments. And a sensual massage is an intimate act. Therefore, always consult your spankee first, before introducing this type of element into your play.


One last look at our properly punished offender?

This lovely boy spanks girl video is available now!

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 Short History of Shadow Lane people, in verse

by Eve Howard



In nineteen eighty six,
Shadow Lane became my D.B.A.
And I wrote as Eve Howard
From that very day

I came up with a story
And called it Shadow Lane
It started as a tiny book
Soaked in New England rain


I published it in episodes
And thus my novel formed
The first edition from Blue Moon
By Tarsis was adorned


My books are now printed in Canada
By the nice people at CCB
The beautiful Tarsis covers
Are such a joy to me


In Spring of 1986
Fate brought me a wonderful man
And together we revolved a
Modest business plan



Butch Simms did soon join us
Full of art degrees
And soon began producing
Unique images like these


Spanking is a huge part of
The Scene called B&D
I learned all about it from
My best friend, Stephanie


Ralph Marvel made his debut
Before the internet
A more versatile player
We had never met


In Penthouse Variations
And Cosmo magazine
Our spanking ads brought many females
To the spanking scene

Twenty-three of our real female readers
Soon video models became
Erica Scott was one of the ones
To achieve well deserved spanking fame

Two generations of Shadow Lane beauties
Meeting on one little couch
In the nineties or the twenty-teens
Bad girls still know how to cry "Ouch!"


Our illustrator Tarsis
And one of those charmed twenty-three
Samantha Woodley was just nineteen
When she went over Brian's knee


Classic top meets classic brat
Keith's been with us from the start
While Sarah Gregory raises
Spanking to a lively art




He was in the vanguard
Of hardcore pornography
But Tom Byron is one of us
This is quite clear to see

Here he's spanking Kailee
That sweet millennial
How much that thick paddle hurt
Only she can tell


Handsome Arthur Sire loves
To spank a saucy brat
Petite Violet October 
Truly is all that!


One of our best sellers
Turn the Other Cheek
With Artemis, a fiery top
And Kristie, soft and meek


Gino came from softcore vids
But had a spankers' passion
Angella Faith, a swet, sexy sub
Takes a good spanking in her own fashion


Here's another peek at
Naughty, nude Casey Calvert
Larry Selden runs
An anal scene without compare


These three precious darlings
Were all Las Vegas girls
Moving to this dazzling city
Brought us priceless pearls


Clare Fonda has teamed with Steve Fuller
Three times for Shadow Lane
They're both so good, but together
The chemistry is insane


The 21st Century brought us
The gift of Madison Young
This wonderfully sexy submissive
Deserves to have her praises sung 



No Shadow Lane retrospective
Could conclude without Nikki and Snow
Two fabulous, switchable ladies
Who know how to make bare bottoms glow

I hope you have enjoyed this 
Little retrospective
Of spankers administering
This therapy corrective.

Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas With Eve Howard 

It's always fun to visit Las Vegas, but the best fun is still a good spanking. And you can easily find the over the knee excitement you crave, by making an appointment for a spanking from me! I am not afraid to make it hurt, if that is what is needed for a truly cathartic experience. Whether you wish a full scale role play scenario or just long to experience the sensation of being spanked, for its own sake, I have both the imagination and practical experience to accommodate your needs. I've been into spanking my entire life. How about you? Write me a note and tell me about yourself, your history in the scene and exactly what you're looking for, including the dates you'll be in town, and I'll reply promptly. Write to: eve@shadowlane.com
Or, call me at the office number: 702-395-0783

Bye for now!