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It's never too early to start planning what to wear to your next spanking party! For our next event: think silver!

Spring kicks off the spanking party season. There have already been several spanking parties on either coast; and there are more to come between now and our annual Labor Day party weekend. Spanking parties provide a style of rarified fun most often likened to the thrills enjoyed by that famous kid in the candy store.

To find out if there is an upcoming spanking party in your part of the country, join the free website http://www.fetlife.com and start doing searches on the words "spanking party" and your home state. Various groups have spanking parties in Chicago, Florida, Colorado, Tucson, Atlantic City, The Poconos, New York City, Southern California, Las Vegas and Texas. Some of these events draw hundreds of attendees, all into spanking, of course.

2016 will be our Silver Anniversary of hosting spanking parties. We've been doing this for 25 years and our guests include people who were around for that very first party and people who were conceived at the time of that first party!

Start planning for your Labor Day weekend in Vegas now! You'll find flights to Las Vegas plentiful. You'll like the low summer rates at our party hotel. We always occupy several floors to ourselves, so noise from spanking is not a problem. Imagine how relaxed you can feel about being into spanking, maybe for the first time in your life, as you notice that everyone around you is also an enthusiast. More details to come about room rates and cut off dates, but start circling your calendar now. September 1st is an easy date to remember, that's the Thursday kick off of the party weekend. And remember, Labor Day is Monday the 5th. Most people have a holiday from work, so why not stay through Sunday and enjoy a full four party nights, for the same low ticket price as we introduced last year.

At an exciting spanking party a few weeks ago with endlessly creative party host and scene booster extraordinaire Dr. Lectr.

Snow Mercy was at the party and she agreed to return to Shadow Lane this spring and shoot a delighful new fem dom video with us where a boy will get spanked for a change. This will be our first video shot in high definition.

One of our reigning spanking divas, Sarah Gregory (right) introduced me to the tall and leggy Maddy (left), who will be working with us the next time she's in Las Vegas.

Ralph Marvel and Erica Scott started their video careers with Shadow Lane, then went on to work with many studios. They never miss a party!


It wouldn't be a party without my girlfriend Vivian Sweet!

Remember everyone, Labor Day Weekend is Shadow Lane's
Silver Anniversary party! Come shine at this event.



Scenes from our new video Top to BOTTOM

I can barely contain my joy in presenting one of the most thrill packed videos we have ever shot. Top to BOTTOM is the ultimate bottom lover's delight. It has girl spanks girl, boy spanks girl, double discipline, paddling, witness to punishment, temperature taking, enema, butt plug, hard caning, nipple tweak, marks, real tears. This video rivals "Spanking Girl's Back Door Man" for hard spanking plus anal action, and it has a beautiful cast.

I have always enjoyed clinical fantasies, but only if aesthetically pleasing. I remember seeing my first enema erotica in the late 70's, when I worked for a large distributor of adult magazines that handled publications from HOM (House of Milan), some of which had to do with spanking, bondage and other fetishes. For me, the few enema magazines, were just awful, with incredibly unattractive male administrators (remember 70's hair styles and clothes for men?), ugly settings and cute female models in horrible wigs. Of course, the explicit photos were fascinating too, but the overall feel of porn in the late 70's, including fetish porn, was distasteful and altogether off putting, at least to a moderately refined female viewer. How can one be thrilled if repulsed?

This is more of what I would have loved seeing: a beautiful nurse in a classic nurse's uniform, with long, luxurious dark hair, stunning legs in nylon hose and high heels, with an exact knowledge of how to hold a girl while spanking  her. The spankee is a charming younger girl, with lovely long, straight blonde hair and an adorable figure, nicely dressed, with stockings and a garter belt, pristine white panties, cute shoes, and a curvy, creamy white, small bottom that turns pink fast. I like the idea of a witness, a well groomed, strict male, observing the scene as well.

Temperature taking is a huge turn on for anal spanking enthusiasts.
Especially when executed properly. Violet's expression of outraged
brat is perfect. So is her bottom and pussy, which Sarah exposes
nicely. Expose, inspect, penetrate, in the face down position, if possible,
to hit every hot button on the anal menu.

Violet has been to the clinic before but her favorite therapist, Ms. Rouge, is on vacation, therefore, grumpy Violet submits to the new nurse, with a very bad attitude.

Nurse Gregory escorts Violet out.

After her embarrassing treatment, Violet is still a brat! Her
impertinence earns her a severe caning.


Mr. Osborne is displeased with Ms. Gregory's zeal for administering inappropriately harsh punishments at the clinic and accuses her of unprofessional behavior. Then he turns her over his knee and spanks her. The nurse has a luscious, perfect bottom that turns the most delicious shade of red almost instantly under Mr. Osborne's hand.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Osborne and Nurse Gregory, the naughty, voyeuristic Violet has crept back into the room to witness and relish Nurse Gregory's punishment spanking over her supervisor's lap. And once again, the hunted becomes the hunter!

As soon as Violet is discovered, she has her bottom bared afresh and is placed on her knees, alongside Nurse Gregory, for a stern paddling from Mr. Osborne.  Excited and turned on by how the afternoon is going, Violet demands that Mr. Osborne submit Nurse Gregory to the same sort of humiliation she herself was forced to endure. Mr. Osborne cannot but agree that this suggestion is only fair, and produces a small buttplug, which he then inserts into Nurse Gregory's tight bottom, for the duration of her punishment, which ends in real tears for the embarrassed nurse. Violet gladly accepts more corporal punishment, in exchange for the thrill of seeing Nurse Gregory brought down off her high horse, to Violet's level.  Both girls end up with hot, well spanked bottoms and of course, something to write about in their diaries that night.


Classic Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas

Haven't you gone long enough without being spanked? Aren't you getting tired of just thinking about it? You know that you're longing to go over a lady's lap. It can happen the next time you're in Las Vegas. Just email me with the particulars of the scene you have in mind, and I'll tell you how we can make it happen. I love to role play as Mommie, Auntie, Boss Lady, Demanding Wife or Diet and Exercise Advisor. Experienced with hairbrush, paddle, strap and cane.

Beginners can feel safe, as I respect all limits and encourage you to tell me as much as you can about the kind of spanking you are looking for, in advance. Email: eve@shadowlane.com or call/text me on the office line 702-395-0783 and we can make a date.