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Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

I have lots of announcements to make so I'll get right to it.

First, my newest Shadow Lane book, Rogue Mistress, is now in print. It's the twelfth volume in the series that I first began writing in 1986. I actually started Shadow Lane, the business, selling the first few chronicles in pamphlet form, then went onto incorporate succeeding chapters into our magazine Stand Corrected, that we began publishing in the early 90's. At around that time, Blue Moon picked up my books, began printing them as paperback novels, and distributing them worldwide. In recent years, I acquired a new publisher, CCB, which brought out all my volumes in deluxe trade paperback editions with color cover illustrations by Brian Tarsis.

Speaking of Tarsis, he's contributed several new illustrations to the brand new issue of Stand Corrected magazine we are currently working on. You all remember Stand Corrected, right? We're actually starting it back up and will be collecting editorial material for the next issue soon. If you'd like to submit a letter to the Letters to the Editor column for possible inclusion in a future issue, please do so by sending your comments to me, eve@shadowlane.com

You can order the paperback edition or the kindle edition using one of the following links:




Most Recent Video Releases

Spanking Superstar Adriana Evans Makes Her Shadow Lane Debut!



Starring Adriana Evans and Miss Chris Grey

Bored at home one sunny afternoon, stunning Adriana decides to attract the attention of the pool boy by doing a strip tease in front of the windows. Sashaying back and forth while pulling off her tiny shorts and flannel shirt, Adriana is unaware that her older, wiser girlfriend, Miss Chris, is watching the spectacle and growing more incensed by the moment. Striding in to confront the naughty brunette, Miss Chris delivers a scathing scolding on the dangers of reckless exhibitionism. When Adriana scoffs at Miss Chris' common sense advice and is rude to her friend and benefactor, Miss Chris doesn't hesitate to drag the fully nude beauty face down over her lap and spank the living daylights out of her. The hard, indignant spanking brings out the wicked little brat in sex kitten Adriana and she baits Miss Chris as much as she dares to, even while yowling in pain at her female patron's discipline.

After a long, hard, over the knee hand spanking, Adriana still hasn't learned her most painful lesson, so Miss Chris thrusts the long haired Venus down over a stool, makes sure Adriana's luscious bottom is uppermost, and begins to lambaste it with a leather strap and a wooden paddle. Adriana's reactions, half defiant, half supplicating, combined with her bewitching good looks and adorable personality, add up to one of the most provocative woman spanks girl scenes we have ever captured.

As Adriana can't resist one last dig at her staid friend's house rules, Miss Chris finds it necessary to pull the sexy minx over her lap one final time, and turn Adriana's voluptuous pink bottom an even more pleasing shade of rose. Finally, the spanked, strapped, paddled and spanked again Adriana is ordered to put her clothes back on and try to behave for the rest of the day.

True enthusiast Miss Chris, is the toppy spanking girl friend every spanking submissive wishes they had. She spanks thoroughly and hard, but always communicates her love and caring. Adriana Evans, a smoldering siren of French-Brazilian descent, radiates an incandescent sexuality mingled with lovable girl next-door mischief. She's everything any spanking fan could ever ask for.

(SLV-199d) R
unning time: 36 minutes.




Our 200th video fittingly stars the quintessential Shadow Lane girl, Sarah Gregory

Sarah drives John crazy with her outfit changes before a party. So he takes his maddening girlfriend over his knee, and administers a resounding spanking to her tightly girdled booty, and then to her bare bottom. Next, John insists she strip nude for additional spanking, a sound leather paddling and 6 of the best with his belt. America's Spanking "It" girl is tamed, in firm but affectionate style, by her real life lover, in Shadow Lane's rollicking 200th video!  Running time: 39 minutes.


Sarah is one of the most sought after models in the industry because she combines beauty, enthusiasm, intelligence, the ability to take a great spanking and react to as a real girl would, plus she always brings great wardrobe.

Sarah gets an over the knee spanking from her real life boyfriend John, while tightly swathed in a retro open bottomed girdle, furnished courtesy of Girdlebound.com

In this scenario, Sarah plays a character we can all recognize, that girl who is always taking selfies to check out her outfit and then making everyone wait while she changes it. Here, John has had enough of Sarah's obsessive compulsive behavior and sternly corrected her with a paddle.



Shadow Lane Labor Day Weekend

Some of you have been with us long enough to remember the very first Shadow Lane party at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, back in 1991. Spanking superstar Jennifer Brooks was there, pictured above, over the knee of spanking cartoonist Dan Rivera. It's hard for us to believe that some of our models were not yet even born when that first party took place.

Announcing some big changes to the Shadow Lane party!

We have recently received the strong impression that many of our regular guests have become dissatisfied with the ballroom format of the Shadow Lane party. So have we, for many reasons, not the least of which has been the stress of having to prepay the large catering bill.

Long ago, when we first started hosting spanking parties, the quid pro quo with the hotel was that we'd book a big catered event, and in return, would be permitted to invade the property with our distinctive slapping noises and obvious kinkiness, for a weekend of riotous play, at the risk of offending the sensibilities of other guests.

For many years, our ballroom parties worked beautifully for us. There was nothing you couldn't do in the ballrooms in Palm Springs and at The Stardust, including bare bottom spanking. And the food at both venues was copious and reasonably priced. But due to the fact that our current hotel is (overtly) more conservative than the previous properties, in recent years, the ballroom play has been restricted to over panties, and that has severely cramped its style. And not least important to the ballroom equation, catering costs increase every year as menu choices narrow. This is the reality of catered affairs at hotels.

In addition, for a variety of reasons, the Vendor Faire is no longer viable. People are shopping for their toys on line and viewing videos as downloads rather than buying dvd's. Thus, toy vendors and video producers alike, are no longer selling enough to justify bringing their wares to the party and setting up a table.

Finally, due to the efficiency of social networking prior to every party, most guests have found that they no longer need the ballroom format to hook up with friends and other attendees.

Therefore, the Shadow Lane party is about to morph into a different and more exciting entity.

Because our group has now grown large enough to occupy whole floors of its own, not to mention guarantee sold out weekends at our current hotel, we have been invited to host our first party without a catered event in the ballroom. To Tony, Butch and me, this is a great relief, freeing us to host a 4 night play party in our hospitality suites instead. 

We plan to open our suite on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, from about nine p.m. to two a.m. for partying and playing. The later start time will allow people to go and eat where they like and/or catch a show, without missing the party.

We will provide an open bar with beer, wine, hard liquor and mixers, soft drinks, energy drinks and water, and plenty of snacks every night, Thursday through Sunday. Guests are invited to socialize and play in our suite without restriction.

Shadow Lane guests have been throwing suite parties during our party weekends since the 90's and we have always been grateful for their support. But no one who throws a suite party should ever feel pressured to open it to all. Our suite party should relieve this pressure to a great degree. We will coordinate with all other suite party throwers as to their schedules, so as not to conflict with any planned events. 

If any other organizers need the biggest suite for any event they'd like to put on, we will work with you to make that happen. 

This may be the biggest Shadow Lane party ever. The ticket price will be $40 per person. This covers access to the Shadow Lane suites each night, unlimited drinks and bar snacks.

We're really happy about this liberation from the ballroom and all the responsibilities that went with it. We feel as though we've shed our chrysalis and will emerge as a more energetic and colorful entity. We can still play dress up, let down our hair, and our pants, without having to worry about attracting the unwanted attention of outsiders.

Within our suite, we will have a board or list of other party suites going on that weekend. We will post all updates on the Shadow Lane Spanking board on Fetlife as well as the weekend unfolds. While there is no lobby at the hotel, many of our guests have found it convenient to meet at or near the bar opposite the sports book in the casino.

We have negotiated the best possible rates for Labor Day weekend, and have been given the ninth and fifth floors, with a block of 125 rooms. And the rooms have just been redecorated. The basic deluxe room on Friday and Saturday nights will be $109, and $55 from Sunday through Thursday. (The non-group room rate for the same room that weekend will be $169, so we're getting an excellent deal.) There are also 18 suites on the 10th floor, 5 of which have two bedrooms attached. 

In a few days we will have an easy to use url direct link to the Shadow Lane group reservations that people can use without putting in the group code. Meanwhile, the rates will be as follows:

deluxe room rates $109 Fri and Sat, $55 Sun thru Thur

golf view rates $124 Fri and Sat, $70 Sun thru Thur

1 bedroom executive suites $260 Fri and Sat, $200 Sun thru Thur

2 bedroom Mediterranean suites $325 Fri and Sat, $275 Sun thru Thur

1 bedroom Tuscany suites $485 Fri and Sat, $425 Sun thru Thur

2 bedroom Presidential suites $585 Fri and Sat, $525 Sun thru Thur

The block is slated from Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015 - Monday Sept. 7, 2015

The group code is A5SLC09

website is suncoastcasino.com/groups

We will provide a direct url link to reservations for Shadow Lane shortly, so most people will not need to reference the group code at all.

As always, Labor Day demands a Back to School theme, so start organizing your pleated skirts and canes right now!

Just to mention a few quick rules of protocol at all Shadow Lane events. Please make sure to limit your photography to guests who have consented to be in your photos. We will have a photo-friendly corner set aside in the big suite so you can pose pix. At this point, everyone has a camera in their phone so there is no way that we can make sure there are no cameras in the suite. Just use your discretion and respect the privacy of others with regard to photos. Don't just shoot into the middle of the room or the general crowd. Obviously, models love to pose for photos. That's what the photo friendly corner will be for.

Secondly, the hotel has asked us to ask our guests not to post signage on their doors, particularly on the floors we may be sharing with non Shadow Lane guests. The 10th floor has many mini suites. We may wind up booking most of them for our party, but we may also end up sharing half of that floor with regular guests. So there, in particular, it's important to keep the party doors closed and not play in the halls. For that matter, no one should be playing in any of the halls and party room doors should always be closed. We suggest hanging ribbons on doors where there are parties going on. We'll figure out the colors later.

As always, we ask that Shadow Laners be discreet in elevators, the pool and all other public areas of the hotel.

Always let the cleaning crew in to clean the next day or you might be assessed a fine. They don't care that you have paddles around, they've seen it all. But they don't want to have to deal with the accumulated mess of days or miss their assigned rooms that they get paid to clean. They treat us very well at this hotel, let's be equally nice to the staff so they keep inviting us back with open arms.

More details to come as the spring advances. We will keep you informed! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,



Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas


Still wondering if you'll ever get a real over the knee spanking? Is it something you can't stop thinking about? Are you, in fact, obsessed with spanking fantasies? Do you crave strict corporal punishment from an authoritative female disciplinarian? Are you breezing through Vegas with an hour to spare in the near future? A real spanking could resolve your frustrations and leave you feeling satisfied, if not elated. Email me: eve@shadowlane.com and perhaps we can arrange to make one or more of those life long spanking fantasies of yours come true. I'm great with beginners and love hearing about your particular background, hopes and fears before we play. You can also call me at 702-395-0783.