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I recently visited my old neighborhood in Studio City, California, where our first parties were held and where we shot so many of our early videos. A channel of the L.A. river runs along this street called Valleyheart, for a couple of miles. You can just see the water behind me, it’s pretty shallow now, but when it rains hard, it rushes like a mighty river. Tony, Butch and I used to live one block from here, occupying five apartments between our residences and the Shadow Lane offices. Fetish erotica was shot and produced in such neighborhoods all over the Valley in the nineties. Still is. Stephanie Locke and I would stroll here, planning mischief together. Then we’d walk to one of the many unique coffee houses in the neighborhood.

Clare Fonda did her stand up comedy routine at our last party. Steven Fuller was our suite host, along with Keith Jones.


Sarah Gregory was one of the long time Shadow Lane models who spoke at our panel discussion about the changing social spanking scene. She revealed that she got her first truly meaningful adult spanking about ten years ago, at a Shadow Lane party, from Stephanie Locke. It was a lovely anecdote.

We have loved the parties and hope they will always be considered part of Shadow Lane’s identity. But my favorite part of them has always been the part where I get to play, one on one, with cool people. I plan to continue doing that, but without the stress and responsibility of hosting.

Of course, we are still shooting videos. Here are some pix from our newest spanking dramas.


Door to Door and Cheek to Cheek 

Starring Alex Reynolds, Veronica Weston and Joe Stryker

Perky pledges must seek a strict disciplinarian to administer their Sorority Hell Week punishments

It’s Hell week at Lambda Sigma Zeta and pledges Alex and Veronica have been tasked with finding someone who will discipline them in 4 different ways! After being indignantly rejected by a number of strangers, the girls chance to knock on the door of Joe Stryker, a gentleman conversant with every form of corporal punishment and an expert practitioner thereof. Sizing up the tasty pair, Joe decides to subject them to as much spanking, strapping and paddling they can stand, for the honor of their sorority.

After smartening up their bottoms, both separately and in tandem, Joe instructs the willing, rosy-bottomed girls in the useful art of administering spanking discipline to each other.

DVD available here


Inspected and Corrected

Starring Nikki Rouge and introducing Lola Belle and Rachel Adams

Two lazy brats are sternly disciplined by strict Head Mistress Rouge!


It’s midterm disciplinary review time and Braemar seniors Rachel and Lola are in for a painful session with their demanding head mistress.

Rachel Adams makes her Shadow Lane debut with this production. She is so lovely, she cries very easily, really feels her spankings and is delightfully ink and piercing free, with lovely natural proportions and soft brown hair.

Cutting classes, late assignments and poor attitudes, earn both miscreants over the knee spankings, hard strapping and wood paddling.

Finally, both girls fully nude, bend over side by side for a tandem punishment, including the cane. Their flawless bottoms turn from white to dark rose red as Miss Rouge administers round after round of stinging discipline with a full arsenal of time tested implements of correction.

Both winsome Rachel and adorable Lola Belle are new to Shadow Lane, naturally beautiful and sweetly compliant submissives.

Lola Belle is a Vegas girl, so you’ll be seeing her again soon in other Shadow Lane videos. She is really someone special.

DVD Available Here


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas with Eve Howard

Want to try out my spanking bench, as if you were in a Shadow Lane video? Want to do corner time in my studio? With photos taken of your burnished bottom as reminders of our time together?

I am available for sessions on your next visit to Vegas if you meet the following criteria: You are a lifelong spanking enthusiast. You are a Shadow Lane customer or can provide references from another professional disciplinarian who has spanked you. You enjoy the idea of submitting to a mature woman. You are focused on discipline and punishment, for either self improvement or sensory pleasure. You are polite, well behaved and thoroughly submissive when you are in receiving mode. You are meticulously clean when you show up for a spanking. You are interested in exploring your tolerance and the way a real spanking makes you feel.

If you are intrigued and excited by the idea of submitting to me, write me a letter about yourself and when you’ll be in Vegas and maybe we can set up an appointment. Email: eve@shadowlane.com or text me a query to: 702-395-0783.