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Greetings Fellow Spanking Enthusiasts,


Shadow Lane presents our May 2018 release:
Tall Tails (SLV-230d) 

Starring Snow Mercy 
and introducing
Delta Hauser
and Ramona Vandermilk

Three statuesque switches trade stinging punishments to improve inter-office relations


Muffs are back and new Shadow Lane girls Delta Hauser and Ramona Vandermilk, aren’t shy about showing them, in this hard spanking, paddling and caning interlude, commandeered by the tempestuous Snow Mercy.


Snow plans to forcefully broker a peace between two antagonistic models, during a corporate retreat.


6’1” Ramona Milk insists that her boss Snow, has been playing favorites and awarding Delta all the plum assignments.


Snow is sick of these petty rivalries between her top models and uses her hairbrush to make her displeasure known.


To prove that Delta is not her favorite and receives no special treatment from her, Snow spanks the lithe brunette hard.


While Ramona accepts her scolding, her brain is working overtime, remembering certain items that could work to her advantage in getting the best of her spanking boss.


Getting her two recalcitrant employees nude, except for shoes, stockings, and garter belts, Snow smartens their round, pink bottoms up with a sound caning, evenly dispersed betwixt both luscious rears.


The shrewd girls use damning intel against their arrogant boss to completely turn the corporal punishment tables on her before the rosy glow has even faded from their own prodigiously paddled bottoms! 


Not to mince words, they cane the holy hell out of Snow.


This is one of the hardest and most awesome canings you’ve ever seen Snow take. 

We called this one Tall Tails because it’s our first ever video featuring all Amazon talent! Shadow Lane is delighted to welcome charming Delta Hauser and lovely Ramona Vandermilk to our family of spanking models. Both are dedicated scene ladies, whose bona fides include long tenures at L.A.’s two premiere spanking clubs, The Dominion and The Sanctuary.

DVD available here:  TALL TAILS


Mystery Spanking

Lady Alice and Joe Stryker

What did this adorable girl do to deserve such a hard spanking and nude caning while bound????

Alice visits her trustworthy friend, Joe, with an unusual request. She wants to be severely disciplined, to expiate a sin she has recently committed. She refuses to tell Joe what she has done, but promises to reveal her misbehavior to him when she feels she has been punished enough. Mystified, but willing to accommodate the beautiful, petite, 23 year old, natural strawberry blonde, he takes her over his knee for a serious correction. When this fails to extract a confession, Stryker brings out the heavy artillery, namely a bench to tie her over, his belt, a strap and several canes with which to smarten up her shapely, radiant bottom even further. Will Joe get the truth out of Alice? (SLV-229d)

Running time: 35 minutes.

DVD available here:  MYSTERY SPANKING


In her own words, “Lady Alice is a precocious Domina in Dallas, TX.  She has a wide range of interests and proficiencies, including but not limited to discipline, ageplay, humiliation, and bondage. As a professional fetish model, Alice performs many roles; however, her passion is the practice of feminine dominance.”


We met Lady Alice for the first time at a party in Vegas in early 2018 and fell instantly under her spell. At 5’1” and 85 pounds, this tiny but fierce, 23 year old natural blonde is a vibrant force to be reckoned with. She’s a polite and charming Texas beauty with a burning interest in BDSM that goes back as far as she can remember. 

Visually arresting, the sophisticated little minx has been corseting for years and learning everything about the art of dominance and submission, from bondage techniques to role play attitudes. She is all natural, with no ink, no silicone enhancements, no piercings and all the gifts of feminine grace and allure that nature can bestow. Moreover, she takes a great spanking, a real caning and fully nude bondage, with genuine enthusiasm. 

With her numerous attractions and all out dedication to the B&D arts, we can’t help but think of Lady Alice as Violet October’s tiny doppelganger and plan to shoot them together as soon as possible! 

Meanwhile, Lady Alice co-stars in her first Shadow Lane video with Joe Stryker, a new male top in the video scene, who made his Shadow Lane debut last year with lovely Mackenzie Reed in She’s Gonna Get It. In Mystery Spanking, Lady Alice and Joe have fantastic chemistry and she takes a multi-stage punishment that is satisfying on every level. Lady Alice will surely be declared the Spanking “It” Girl, of 2018!


DVD available here:  MYSTERY SPANKING


The Full Punishment Package

Spanking, embarrassing enema and caning discipline — because the lady asked for it!

Starring Adriana Evans
and Sarah Gregory


A beautiful brunette visits a discipline therapy clinic, to experience her most secret and embarrassing spanking and enema fantasy. Miss Gregory prepares Adriana for her treatment with an introductory spanking and an anal retention plug.


But on her next visit, the shy charmer receives the full punishment package, including an enema and a stinging 24 stroke caning! Lusciously explicit, anal-centric spanking erotica with strict nurse Sarah topping and sweet Adriana bottoming, to their mutual excitement.

(SLV-228d) Running time: 53 minutes.




Shadow Lane Casino Royale Party 2018
Aug. 30, 2018- September 2, 2018 in Vegas!
Suncoast Hotel and Casino Resort
9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89145


Tickets are $40.00 per person.   PURCHASE PARTY TICKETS ONLINE

This admits you to our cocktail party and spanking mixer all four nights! 

All sorts of hard and soft drinks and snacks provided each night. 

Playing encouraged in the party suite. Too early to list all the various events and suite parties (such as Bad Boys Suite, Spanking Court, etc.) that will take place that weekend, but the Shadow Lane suite party schedule is as follows: 

Thursday (8/30/18) 8 pm to Midnight 

Friday (8/31/18) and Saturday (9/1/18) 9 pm to 1 am

Sunday (9/2/17) 8 pm to Midnight

Party attire and protocol: Fetish wear (super short skirts, uniforms, leather, latex, etc.) is always welcome in our suite, but please be discreet when going down to the casino, so as not to attract undue attention to our group. 

By the same token, please don't engage in obvious spanktalk in elevators, pool areas or anywhere in the hotel other than our suites and your own rooms. Keep doors to suites and rooms closed. No playing in the halls. No signage on rooms, per requests of the hotel. 

We will have a board in our suite to post other suite parties and events throughout the weekend. Closer to the party, we will also have a phone app called Guidebook that guests with smart phones can refer to. 

Please do not invite other hotel guests or employees to "check out" our party. Only Shadow Lane ticket holders are welcome in our private suite. 

All ticket holders will receive an official (and spiffy collectible) Shadow Lane party button and wrist band, color coordinated to your orientation, if you choose, upon arrival at our suite, that will serve as their admission token to all events.  Wear your button and/or wrist band whenever you enter a party suite that weekend. We will not mail out buttons in advance, but we will have a master list of everyone who pays in advance to consult upon your arrival. 

Cut off date for guaranteed room reservations at the group rates is July 29th, 2018. 

Group rates start for the party on Wednesday, August 29th. The party officially starts on Thursday night and goes through Sunday. Some guests may get there as early as Wednesday and stay through Monday.


Group Rates for the party week

Sunday through Thursday $64; Friday and Saturday $122 for regular deluxe ad golf view rooms

Sunday through Thursday $205, Friday and Saturday $265 1 bedroom executive suite

Sunday through Thursday $280, Friday and Saturday $330 2 bedroom Mediterranean suite

Sunday through Thursday $525, Friday and Saturday $590 2 bedroom Presidential Suite

Hotel has a mandatory $17.99 plus tax (currently at 13%) per room, per day Resort Fee which is in addition to room and tax charges. Benefits include access to the 24-hour fitness center, Wi-Fi in the guest rooms, self-parking, single serve coffee brewers, in-room safe, in-room refrigerator, scheduled airport shuttle service (reservations required), unlimited toll free and local telephone calls, wake up service and paging. 

Prior to cut-off date, individuals are encouraged to book their reservations on-line. To receive your special group rate members will need to enter the assigned Reservation ID: ASHDW18 through the Hotel’s website at www.suncoast.com/groups 

Prior to cut-off date, individuals may also call Hotel’s Room Reservations Department direct at 866-636-7111 Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. and identify themselves as members of a group or convention with Reservation ID: ASHDW18

If you have any questions call us at 702 395 0783 or text us to that number. Or, email me: eve@shadowlane.com


Spanking Sessions in Vegas with Eve Howard


The next time you’re in Vegas…how about getting that spanking you’ve been dreaming about? There’s really nothing to be afraid of, apart from the pain and humiliation. But that’s where the fun is, right? I have a good deal of experience spanking men and as a mature disciplinarian, I fit well into mother, aunt, teacher, boss and neighbor lady fantasies. I also enjoy just spanking, while my submissive zones out and floats away to subspace, minus any scenario. Tailor the scene how you like, writing me in advance with specifics. Tell me about yourself and your personal spanking history and exactly what you envision as the ideal scene. I am available on long or short notice, but not same day, usually, so hit me up as soon as you know when you’ll be in Vegas and we’ll take it from there. Email: eve@shadowlane.com or text your query to my office phone: 702-395-0783