Happy Holidays from Shadow Lane! December 5th, 2013 December 05 2013, 0 Comments

Happy Holidays from Shadow Lane!
December 5th, 2013


When Tony first thought up "The Buttplug That Saved Xmas"
concept, it seemed like a crazy dream that could never come true.
Then we realized that Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster, the notoriously
cute cougar who does such extraordinary things on clips4sale) was
coming to visit and that it was just the sort of challenge that she
couldn’t resist.



In the clip, Jamie receives the following invitation/order from

Dear Jamie,

This year Santa is asking all his 
little helpers to test drive all the 
sex toys going out to the naughty. 
You got the butt plug. Report back 
to Santa via explicit videogram 
no later than December 15th.




Of course, this kind of thing is embarrassing, no matter how
many times you do it in front of a camera.



As the peppermint striped glass dildo is deemed a workable
buttplug by Santa’s favorite helper in the area code 818, quality
control is effected to the highest standards, virtually guaranteeing
an abundance of enhanced anal orgasm for the holiday season.