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Greetings Spanking Fans!

Presenting a blow by blow synopsis of the action
in our brand new video, Sorority Hellion, starring
stunning Casey Calvert, sexy disciplinarian Gretta
Carlson and me!


Scenes from SORORITY HELLION (SLV-196d)

Starring Casey Calvert, Gretta Carlson and Eve Howard

Gretta Carlson co-stars with Casey Calvert in Act One
of this exciting new entry in the Our Sorority series.

Casey Calvert plays Tori, the kind of hell raiser
Lambda Sigma Zeta attracts.

House Mother Gretta takes senior sister Tori over her lap for abusing her
powers in the sorority.

Tori has been over-hazing the junior pledges and giving the sorority house an
even worse reputation for sexual perversity that it already has.

Gretta has found that complete nudity tends to make a culprit feel more
vulnerable and hence, more submissive.

Tori taking her spanking but secretly planning more outrageous acts of
rebellion against propriety.

Sugar and spice and everything naughty, plus
stunning legs and heels.

Gretta drives the lesson home with a taste of maple.

Casey Calvert channeling Ashley Renee realness.

Hourglass goddess and sprightly sylph, these bodies in motion are heavenly.

Tori typifies the Lambda Sigma Zeta girl, sexually precocious,
devil may care, hot as hell and of course, a spoiled brat.

A body like Casey Calvert's is not seen every day in the world of adult entertainment.
With her graceful natural proportions, exquisitely tiny waist, luxuriant silky brown
tresses and expressively beautiful features, she's as photogenic as models come.
But Casey is the whole package, a smart, witty, well informed, well prepared,
sporty, fun girl who takes a great spanking.

Maybe the camera loves Casey so much because she takes such a good spanking.

No sorority punishment would be complete without a session with the leather strap.

Tori protests that it is her privilege as a senior sister to haze the pledges and
refuses to admit she overstepped the bounds. So Gretta continues the discipline.

Gretta doesn't mind putting the extra time and effort into getting
Tori to say "Lambda Sigma Zeta Forever" like she means it.


Act Two of Sorority Hellion

Busted! Tori sends all of the junior sisters out on errands so
she can have the sorority house to herself. She gets out the
sex toys she ordered using the Lambda Sigma Zeta credit
card and proceeds to pleasure herself. But she is caught by
the regional head of Lambda, Eve Howard.

Tori has even ordered her own play bench with sorority funds. Eve tests it out.

It's more spanking for Miss Tori, the selfish sorority brat,
who bosses all the other girls around for her own amusement.

Eve tells Tori to demonstrate the use of some of her toys as she continues to
spank her. This makes both the spanking and the masturbation more interesting.

Want to get a spanking girl hot? Watch what Tori does
with a vibrating wand while she is being spanked and paddled.

Sorority Hellion embodies the spirit of Lambda Sigma Zeta perfectly. It's all
about discipline and eroticism mixed into one.

Sorority Hellion available now on DVD!

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