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Merry Christmas, Spanking Enthusiasts!

As this crazy year draws to an end, we are thankful for our wonderful models, nice customers and all the spanking fans who attend our parties year after year.

Take a page out of Venus Divine's holiday book and gift your naughty one with a good birching this holiday season! Seriously, spanking people, you can find these cinnamon scented "brooms" at arts and crafts stores, or even in your local supermarket's florist shop. They don't cost much and while they are ephemeral, they do double duty as a decorative and sweet smelling holiday favor, then as a classic instrument of correction. Never had or given a birching before? Try applying the birch with a fast, whippy motion, for an exciting, invigorating sensation. The harder you strike, the faster the birch will fly to pieces, but who cares? It's a thrilling way to experience corporal punishment and one everyone should try once, either giving or receiving.


Scenes from our December 2016 release

Lil' Hot Stuff

Elori Stix, is 4'9" and Snow Mercy is 5'11", which makes for a killer big girl tops small girl dynamic.

Just so damn cute! But with a 32F bosom, as womanly as any connoisseur of shapliness could wish. 24 year old Elori Stix is a well bred, well educated, articulate girl brat, who, never the less, fails to get around Snow Mercy. Follow her on Twitter @Elori_Stix

The infinitely fascinating Snow Mercy becomes more interesting every year. Can anyone behold this elegant beauty and doubt that she is in complete control? Shadow Lane owes a debt of thanks to Snow for introducing us to a series of fabulous models, which tradition she continued, in bringing us darling Elori Stix this holiday season. Follow her on Twitter @SnowMercy


Elori plays a clever grad student who makes big bucks selling term papers to her lazy classmates. But her mentor and senior Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority sister, Snow, feels it her duty to correct this tendency towards dishonesty and exploitation, in the time honored Lamda Sigma Zeta manner.


The spanking unfolds in traditional style, first on the pantyhose, then on the panties, and at last, on bare skin.


Elori's perfect bottom, presented for punishment.

Snow's spanking bench serves as the proper pedestal upon which to mount the second portion of Elori's disciplinary session. First, a hair brush is liberally employed in smartening up Miss Smarty Pants.

A long leather strap keeps the coloration in Elori's beautifully rounded bottom an even and deepening pink.

A through whacking with a wide, heavy strap drives the lesson home.

Note the evenness of the coloration spread by the wide strap across Elori's smooth and voluptuous rear.

And to finish, a fabulous caning!

Not twelve strokes, not twenty-four strokes, but thirty-six cane strokes are strictly administered by Snow, to naughty Elori, at the conclusion of Lil' Hot Stuff, available now from Shadow Lane. Purchase DVD here.


"Lambda Sigma Zeta for ever!"


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas
With Eve Howard

Let's face it, men, a spanking isn't something you can easily get from any woman you date, romance or even marry. Most ladies never think of spanking men and the rest are seldom interested in this, your dearest and longest cherished fantasy. You can't really blame them, but that doesn't stop your longing to go over the knee of a competent female disciplinarian. That's where a professional comes in, particular if it's a woman with a great reputation in the scene and a huge catalog of spanking entertainment behind her to prove that she understands every part of this fetish and how to put it into action. So the next time you're in Vegas, treat yourself to one of the most enjoyable bits of R&R a spanking enthusiast can indulge in, an over the knee spanking session with me, Eve Howard. Email: eve@shadowlane.com with a short history of your experiences in the scene and what you are looking for in a session and I'll tell you how we can make that happen together. It's easier than you think to get the spanking you want and deserve next time you're way out west. You can also reach me at the Shadow Lane office number: 702-395-0783 and talk with me directly about the details of booking a session. Looking forward to making some of your holidays even more rosy!


Happy Holidays from Violet October, Venus Divine, Layla Savage and Tony, Eve and Butch from Shadow Lane!