The Fem Dom Club

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WHERE THE WOMEN WEAR THE PANTS AND THE MEN GET THEIRS TAKEN DOWN Starring Stephanie Locke, Tanya Foxx, Christine Justice, Mistress Jacqueline, Rusty James and Ralph Marvell Act One: Christine Justice plays a scalp masseuse who punishes a client for getting fresh with her by means of: traditional spanking, strapping and paddling. Hear a grown man (Ralph Marvell) cry and whimper from a spanking. Act Two: Stephanie Locke instructs Tanya Foxx in the art and science of disciplining an unruly husband (Ralph Marvell), utilizing common objects that may be found in any home, beginning with the hairbrush. See a 6 foot tall man reduced to a kicking, pleading little boy in minutes flat by the two ultra feminine women. Act Three: Enter the dungeon of Jacqueline and Stephanie, where the entirely naked Rusty James is embarrassed, bossed around and whipped into submission.

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