The Doctor is In

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An explicit spanking, paddling, temperature taking and enema video starring Dia Zerva, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Lawrence Selden.

On her first visit to the Braemar Discipline Therapy Miss Carole Clarke is so foolish as to doubt Nurse Christie's spanking capabilities. Nurse Christie knows a spoiled brat when she sees one and wastes no time in setting the young lady straight. Nurse Christie warms Miss Carole Clarke's trim, toned bottom with the palm of her hand. Carole expects a massage but gets a spanking instead!

Nurse Christie pulls Miss Clarke's ruffled panties down, thoroughly lubricates her patient's anus and takes her temperature in her bottom. Miss Clarke's luscious, super firm buttocks require the thwack of a thick wooden paddle in order to turn that glowing shade of scarlet a disciplinarian wants to see.

The next day, Carole is scheduled to be disciplined and therapeutically purged by the strictest spanker on staff. Dr. Ramsey will stand no nonsense from his willful patient because he knows what is best. (Can't he understand how alarming it is for a submissive to contemplate receiving multiple enemas in a bottom still rosy red from being spanked?) Without a stitch of clothes on, Carole Clarke feels very vulnerable. Dr. Ramsey is stern and spanks hard! But her pussy pressed against the leather table is beginning to thrill to the friction. As Dr. Ramsey spreads her cheeks, Miss Clarke receives the first infusion from the red rubber 'spike' syringe.

The blue syringe is filled and discharged into Carole Clarke's bottom again and again, with four different nozzle attachments, each with a different shape and texture. The excitement is almost unbearable! Carole is told it is all going in her bottom and she doesn't question it. By now she realizes that Braemar practitioners are consummate professionals, in whose hands she may feel safe and secure.

This genuine spanking and enema session is totally explicit. Humiliating punishment or submissive bliss? Why do you think there's a two-year waiting list to get into the Braemar Clinic?

Running time: 70 minutes.

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