The Clinical Approach

$ 19.95

An exquisitely erotic spanking, butt plug, enema and caning drama starring Violet October and Nikki Rouge.

Beautiful, 22 year old thrill seeker, Violet, revisits Nikki Rouge, her summer disciplinarian, to confess her ardent desire for further therapeutic correction. The petite blonde has been dreaming about embarrassing anal discipline, butt plugs and enemas. She has even visited a sex therapist for preliminary anal training, (See this delightful action in our video "In Violet" SLV-202).

Lovely, leggy Nikki enthusiastically accepts the assignment, and orders Violet to don a pair of white pajamas, to increase her sensation of vulnerability. Informing Violet that anal penetration must always be prefaced by spanking, Nikki takes Violet over her lap and thoroughly hand spanks her, rendering the culprit's bottom a deep, dark pink and infusing it with a warmth that will last throughout the treatment.

Using a professional lube shooter to inject surgical grade lubricant into Violet's upturned bottom, while the pretty, passive blonde is over her lap, Nikki then slowly introduces a wiggly, 5" silicone dildo into Violet's tiny rectum.

Making sure to keep Violet's jutting cheeks pink with spanking, Nikki then administers a preliminary over the knee, mini bottle enema infusion into Violet's well-lubricated anus. Violet is naturally speechless with embarrassment and excitement, especially when Nikki uses a tiny leather paddle to spank Violet's lust engorged labia. After her luscious pussy spanking, Violet is allowed to go off and evacuate before returning for the next phase of her discipline.

Never forgetting to spank Violet's satiny smooth cheeks to a constant state of pinkness, Nikki re-lubricates Violet and administers a classic bag enema to her charge, while Violet kneels, in the knee to elbow position, and thrusts her bottom up to receive it. The water is infused into Violet's bottom through a silicone retention butt plug nozzle. As Violet's tiny belly swells, her rosebud clitoris throbs with the kind of excitement that only erotic humiliation can bring to a submissive girl who has placed herself in the hands of a trusted dominant. Violet is sent to relieve herself before the conclusion of her punishment that afternoon.

Violet's therapeutic punishment session is finished off with a purifying 24 stroke caning across her adorable bottom, administered with careful exactitude by her thorough mistress. With her pretty cheeks striped and stinging, Violet regains her street clothes and thoughtfully departs to reflect on her new anal adventures.

Violet October becomes sexier and more fascinating with every shoot, as her inner minx begins to express herself in ever more revealing acts of erotic surrender.  Nikki Rouge is both serious and campy as she channels her inner 1950's dom and talks the talk on enema discipline as you've never heard it talked before.  Effortlessly taking control of her obedient patient, Nikki is the fantasy doctor lady of every clinical submissive's most anal oriented dreams. The Clinical Approach is as full as it can possibly of feminine beauty and esoteric stimulation.

Running time: 46 mins.

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