Tennis Bums

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Starring Keith Jones and Steve Fuller, introducing Traci Greer and Miranda Fay. Traci's friend Miranda is married to the tennis pro at an exclusive racquet club. Miranda talks Traci into joining the club so they can hang out together and drink pi–a coladas. Traci can't really afford to join the club but she does anyway, spending the vacation money her husband Keith had saved.Naturally, Keith is disappointed by his wife's selfish behavior and responds by turning her over his knee and spanking her soundly. This is a charming scene. Meanwhile, Miranda must explain to her husband Steve why she promised her best friend Traci that Steve would give her a free lesson without asking him first. Wheedling and whining, Miranda gets the reluctant Steve to agree to cancel his paying client in order to tutor her friend. But rather than keep this important appointment, Traci sits on the patio with Miranda sipping highballs. Steve descends on the girls furiously, ordering them into the club house. After waiting in the hot sun for forty five minutes, Steve is more than steamed. In Steve's view the two girls are just plain bad, one worse than the other, taking nothing seriously and causing their hard working husbands to suffer. Obviously, they must both be spanked and severely. Shy to be spanked by a stranger and already having been spanked by her husband that day, Traci submits with some reluctance, but is easily dominated by Steve, who spanks her with justifiable indignation. Next, the naughty Miranda, who originally tempted Traci to join the club, fully knowing that her friend could not really afford to do so, is placed across her husband's lap for a vigorous spanking. As an added lesson to the girls, Steve forces them to kneel on either end of the sofa for a double, bare bottom punishment. Finally, for humiliation value, Steve sends Miranda to Keith to apologize for tempting Traci into joining the club. Miranda goes. but doesn't take her mission very seriously and is promptly made to pay for her insolence across Keith's knee. Here is one full hour of domestic discipline, featuring two of our most popular spankers and two real Shadow Lane girls who are making their video debut in this crisp spanking video with a traditional husbands-spank-wives theme. The girls are both adorable. Traci Greer is a leggy, blonde tomboy from the midwest and Miranda Fay is a cute, little minx from the Pacific Northwest. They take really good spankings because they are really into spanking and well...we think they rather liked playing opposite their leading men. Keith Jones and Steve Fuller fans will want to buy this one right away. Running Time: 1 hour.

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