Submissively Yours

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Have you ever dreamt of taking your significant other over your knee and spanking her until she actually begins to enjoy it? This video portrays the gentle conversion of a non-scene girlfriend into a spanking enthusiast through the patient application of palm to backside and lingering caresses to all the major erogenous zones. Spoiled Doreen (Gretta Carlson) spends all her time and energy working out, while her neglected boyfriend Parker (Sonny Daze) toils to make life easier for her every day. Finally she notices him reading City Of Dreams and intrigued, begins to question her lover about fetishism. He explains his interest in spanking, gets Doreen to concede that she really has been naughty and with her consent, gives her a spanking on the spot. When Doreen achieves a perfect climax over Parker's knee from spanking, teasing and touching alone, she begins to understand what a valid form of foreplay spanking can be. Later Doreen dons a provocative outfit and receives a second, more esoteric lesson in corporal punishment erotica with a variety of implements. Submissively Yours (SLV-058d) Running time: 44 minutes.

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