Sting Operation Part 2

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Starring Samantha Woodley and Lance Del Toro. Maryanne (Samantha Woodley) has bought a term paper online, falling into a trap laid by her own professor! Revealing that Maryanne's "A" paper on Jane Austen also received an "A" when he himself wrote it, twenty years before, Mr. Lawrence gives Maryanne an ultimatum: Take a spanking and get a do-over on the paper or fail his class and possibly even get expelled! At first Maryanne is indignant. But she soon realizes that she has no alternative but to seize the chance being offered to turn in her own paper and obtain her own grade legitimately. Maryanne reluctantly agrees to allow Mr. Lawrence to spank her. But she's far from graceful in her acquiescence. She kicks and squirms, pouts and snaps, wriggles and whines, all to no avail. Mr. Lawrence is very strong, determined and firm. The spanking he has planned for Maryanne is no more than she deserves, as far as he is concerned, but a great deal more than a spirited young lady such as she will ever desire! Maryanne is spitting with frustration and pique as Mr. Lawrence administers as much spanking as the spunky brunette can possibly stand in one sitting. When her kicking becomes too annoying, the innovative professor ties Maryanne's graceful ankles together with his necktie and briskly proceeds with his bottom reddening tasks. In addition, he takes off his belt and decisively applies it to her trim, taut, tan-lined bottom. But as her classmate Gretchen has latterly discovered, a heavy wooden paddle is Mr. Lawrence's instrument of choice and Maryanne soon experiences its stringency at her strict teacher's hands. This scene will go down in Shadow Lane history as the most fiery and at the same time traditionally disciplinary we've captured to date. You've never seen Samantha Woodley quite this revved up and Lance is more than her match. They not only look great together but their chemistry is boiling hot. As a special, appetite whetting bonus, A Brief History of Samantha Woodley at Shadow Lane precedes the main program, allowing the view piquant glimpses of the stunning Samantha Woodley from each of the eight videos she filmed for us preceding this one. Running time 35 minutes.

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