Spanking Turnaround

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Starring Snow Mercy Tom Byron and Madison Young.

What switchable guy hasn't dwelt on the notion of spanking a dominant woman with relish, but it's hard to find opportunities. Determined, assertive women don't exactly open the door to that sort of thing. But sometimes you can catch a bossy woman in an unguarded moment and seize the chance to turn the tables on her for once.

This is what happens one night at two a.m. when Snow appears at the table in her silk satin nightie and begins to engage in an activity most unlike the slender model, scooping a dozen balls of ice cream into a bowl for a bizarrely big late night snack. As Snow glops on fudge, whipped cream and cherries, Tom finally asks her what she's doing, since she never eats ice cream. Snow retorts that she eats ice cream all the time and now must hurry to finish the schooner so that she can go and shop online, extremely insistent that shopping online is imperative to her happiness at that exact moment in time. Tom quickly figures out that Snow has taken her favorite sleeping pill again and is, in fact, sleep walking.

Taking complete advantage of Snow being fast asleep, he takes stern issue with her shopping online, dismisses her arguments as nonsense and threatens to spank her if she doesn't go straight to bed. Snow retorts that she would like to see him try. Tom turns the brunette goddess over his knee, polishes up the seat of her silk-satin briefs, then pulls them down to continue briskly smacking her stunning bottom. This spanking lasts quite some time while Snow stubbornly continues to insist that she must eat all of her ice cream and then go spend a few hours shopping online. What better excuse could a spanking boyfriend have to redden his lover's gorgeous backside? Snow takes it hard and reacts with full sensitivity to every swat that stings her tender white skin, but doesn't give in and agree to go to bed until Tom has practically worn out his arm with spanking her bare backside.

The next morning, Snow enters the dining room, dressed crisply for work but rubbing her bottom. She confides to Tom that for some reason she woke up with a sore backside and tries to remember what could have caused this. Pulling up her glove tight pencil skirt to examine her bottom in a hand mirror, Snow struggles to pull her snug panties aside while hobbled by a retro-style open-bottomed girdle, complete with garter straps and sheer black hose. Now Snow notices that her bottom bears some traces of marking and again tries to figure out what happened.

Tom confesses to spanking her while she was sleep-walking because she was about to buy crazy things online while virtually unconscious. Snow is shocked and outraged to hear of the unconscionable advantage Tom has taken of her somnolent state. After his shockingly exploitative behavior, Tom is predictably hapless when caught dead to rights and busted for playing secret two a.m. disciplinarian.

Determined that she not be the only one to go to work that day with a sore bottom, she takes him across her lap for a long, hard revenge spanking. It is only right and proper that Snow be soundly spanked in Scene One by a masterful top, but even more satisfying when she is able to get her own back on Tom so smartly the following day. After she thoroughly spanks Tom for his infamous behavior, she sternly warns him that there is more where that came from and perhaps she'll bring a friend home from work to help her hand it out.

When Tom gets home from work that day, Snow and her friend Madison are waiting for him. The merry prankster learns a hard lesson bent over the kitchen table while both women lambaste his poor, unfortunate rear end in tandem, while stripped down to their exquisite lingerie.

The women paddle and strap Tom's exposed bottom with extreme vigor and gusto, and laying on with ever greater momentum as the discipline of the mischievous husband progresses to its ultimate conclusion of a very well spanked male bottom.

The visual contrast between the Amazonian brunette in her full-cut, black and pink edged, open-bottomed girdle ensemble and the petite, redhead in her charmingly revealing white and pink lace bra and thong combination is nothing short of breathtaking. Like the girl's charming outfits, the action in this spanking drama is perfectly balanced for a quotient of maximum arousal. Madison is the perfect 'Booful' to Snow's 'Wicked Wanda' (See the comic annals of Penthouse magazine) as she assists with the spanking, strapping and paddling chores that fall to the lot of today's sleek working woman. Fans of corporal punishment for men as well as woman, are guaranteed pure spanking entertainment, from both angles, as our contemporary battle of the sexes unfolds. Our intriguing new leading lady, Snow Mercy, is so adorably spankable and yet so capably dominant, you won't be able to decide which side of her you like best.

Running time: 53 minutes.

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