Spanking in the 21st Century

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

It's the year 2050, and the shortage of single men in the spanking scene has become acute. Where once there were 2 boys for every girl, now the reverse is true! Ironically, women now frequent discreet hideaways to be disciplined Ð by dominant men! An exclusive club called "The Keep" offers the discriminating businesswoman a choice of capable spankers. After some deliberation, Lucy selects Ricky to enact 3 classic, husband-spanks-wife fantasies with her. Confiding her fascination with domestic discipline to Ricky, Lucy begs him to adopt the character of a traditional 20th Century male, who would not hesitate to soundly spank his wife. Not a problem, he assures her and begins to suggest reasons for the spankings to take place. Delighted by his enthusiasm, Lucy agrees to put herself in Ricky's hands. The first punishment is given to Lucy for running around with other men, the second for being caught smoking and the third for carelessly discarding a priceless collection of antique trading cards. Lucy changes clothes between scenarios and takes three distinctly different spankings on her lily white behind, which is repeatedly stained rosy pink by his hand. A hairbrush is also used firmly and well in this lovely tape for purist and romantics alike.

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