Spanking in Relationships

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Act One: Cindy and Patrick's First Date. Cindy (Angela Faith) thinks it's cute to brat her escort Patrick (Henry Blake) into spanking her. She soon learns that bad manners are never appropriate, even on a scene date. Good, hard spanking, with hand, hair brush and strap eventually lead into the type of caresses you don't see very often in our videos, due to the reserve of most of our models. Patrick is a man of few words, but he knows what to do with his hands, making the naughty girl's discipline as sensual as possible. Act Two: The Rehabilitation of Tori. Tori (Lynette Case) and Lowell (Arthur Meeks) have agreed to share expenses, but Tori isn't paying in her share. Moreover, she's avoiding the modeling jobs that would bring in the necessary cash. At his wits' end, Lowell finally takes his lazy girlfriend in hand and spanks some responsibility into her. Also includes a modest caning. This more traditional segment provides a satisfying counterpoint to the more sensual opening act.

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