Spanking Confessional

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Anna goes to Father Ryan for counseling on how to handle her dipping grades and lack of focus on schoolwork. This being senior year, the priest tries to impress upon Anna the importance of her academic performance. She protests that she will try to do better and promises to mend her slacker ways, but her spiritual advisor doesn't believe that she will take his injunctions seriously unless they are backed up by a sound spanking. With Anna it's the usual story, her parents don't spank her but do use bribes to insure good grades. In this case, a trip to Europe hangs in the balance. Father Ryan does not approve of this type of indulgence and hastens to turn Anna over his knee and reward her disappointing midterm grades with the licking he feels she has earned. Father Ryan attempts to instill some real apprehension into Anna by spanking and lecturing her about her parents' sacrifices for her education. Anna is all too eager to agree with the priest and beg forgiveness for her frivolity, but he is determined to punish her in a way that she will remember. Anna wriggles, thrashes, kicks, screams and cries, all to no avail. Father Ryan metes out the discipline and she takes every hard smack on her beautiful, bare bottom. Then she is turned to the bookcase to stand with her spanked bottom on display, to reinforce the humiliation of being a naughty girl at her age. Their next interview takes place a few weeks later. Anna's marks are improving but she is still slacking off in some of her classes. Father Ryan has been keeping close tabs on her through her teachers and he immediately catches her in a lie about her math grades on some recent tests. Since lying is a very serious offense, a serious corporal punishment session with hand and wooden paddle awaits the unfortunate girl. This time there is even more sobbing and such a clamorous verbal reaction that you might want to have your volume control nearby. In the final scene, Father Ryan takes Anna severely to task for allowing herself to be distracted by a wild girlfriend, who has been involving her in foolish pranks bordering on indecency. The priest wants to know whether these hijinks are the reason Anna hasn't been to confession in eight months and demands that the shy and outraged girl reveal certain intimacies she has engaged in with her boyfriend when she ought to have been studying. The priest is offended to think that the innocent Anna has been behaving in a way that could provoke talk about her in school. Disciplinarian or wolf in priest's clothing? You be the judge! Righteously indignant, Father Ryan insists that Anna bear her ensuing spanking with the added embarrassment of being totally nude. Anna is sadly dismayed at having to take her punishment from her priest completely naked. (If this kind of realism upsets you, we urge you not order this video!) This serious spanking scene concludes with a thrilling strapping. Father Ryan yanks his belt out of his belt loops, bends Anna over his desk and lays on in a style that makes her howl with pain and immediately burst into sobs. In fact, Anna cries every time she is punished throughout the drama. Spanking Confessional stars Bailey Sullivan, an exquisitely spankable, petite 23 year old brunette, playing the part of the elite Catholic high school senior, and Alex Doyle, playing the part of the over zealous disciplinarian priest. Alex is Bailey's real life dom and they worked out the scenario together. Beautiful, charming, intensely reactive and infinitely engaging, Bailey personifies the good girl you just can't wait to catch being bad while Alex portrays the possible wolf in priest's clothing with cool deliberation and an extremely hard hand. Not exactly p.c. and just a little bit twisted, Spanking Confessional is nonetheless very hot! Running time: 53 minutes.

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