Spanking 201 - Female Spanks Female Edition

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Starring Stephanie Locke, Cheyenne Jewell, Stevie Rose and Eve Howard.

Welcome back, Stephanie Locke! Women do play spanking games with other women. And it doesn't only happen in fantasies. They come in all ages, shapes and orientations.

This video concerns itself with three types of female spanking enthusiasts: the girl who is hard-wired for domestic discipline, the adventuress who is attracted by the novelty of same sex spanking and finally, the lesbian who enjoys spanking as foreplay. What top hasn't dreamed of depantsing and spanking the girl next door?

In the first segment of Spanking 201 Female Spanks Female Edition, Stephanie Locke and Eve Howard describe classic domestic discipline situations and Cheyenne Jewell, adorable in a plaid shirt and jeans, goes over Stephanie's lap to play the naughty niece. The shapely, long haired, twenty something Cheyenne is spanked on the seat of her jeans, her white panties and her beautiful bare bottom. In this instructional video, positioning, implements and attitudes are discussed while model Cheyenne is spanked with hand and hairbrush by the incomparable Stephanie Locke. Bend over, Darling!

In the second segment of Spanking 201 Female Spanks Female Edition, Cheyenne Jewell plays the spanking adventuress, exquisitely clad in a retro bustier and sheer, black open bottom girdle, hose and heels. During this interlude, the infinitely skillful Stephanie bends the delectable thrill-seeker over a chair and demonstrates corporal punishment techniques with a variety of implements as Cheyenne's bottom is spanked, strapped and paddled. Eve assists in reddening the slim brunette's silken cheeks, while cupping the spankee's luscious, bare bosom in her hand. A beautiful corset conceals and reveals at the same time.

In the final segment of Spanking 201, Female Spanks Female Edition, Cheyenne Jewell plays the gay girl spankee, a woman only interested in playing with other women. The slim, curvy, long-haired brunette begins the scene glamorously clad in a sheer, black and crimson, open bottom corselet and ends up completely nude. Stephanie places Cheyenne face down on a massage table - a favorite spanking position - and paddles Chey's exquisite bottom. In the course of this sexy scene, Cheyenne also gets up on all fours and then assumes the even hotter knee to elbow position for additional spanking with maximum exposure. Of course you need one or two crops to complete your toy kit. The Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority paddle is used, along with a number of other traditional implements. Safe words are discussed and Stephanie happily demonstrates the kind of spanking it takes to make Cheyenne say mercy. 

Also demonstrated in this video: cropping on the palms, thighs and pussy spanking that reveals the spankee's charmingly bedazzled sex.

Plus bonus spanking scenario Spanking by the Book starring Stevie Rose and Eve Howard.

The spanking librarian is always right. When assistant librarian Stevie Rose gets caught using the reading room for a make out mansion with her steady, her strict boss Eve Howard insists on a spanking penalty. Ashamed and contrite, the curvaceous, 21 year old blonde agrees to accept corporal punishment for her crude indiscretion and is taken across Eve's lap for a hand spanking, first across the well rounded seat of her pristine white panties and then upon the jutting cheeks of her lovely bare bottom. Next, the beautiful Stevie is stripped to her bra and bent over an ottoman for brisk, classic paddling, with a round black leather paddle, a wide, Irish leather Òbrat smackerÓ and a wooden paddle. Stevie takes the good spanking she has earned to prove to Eve that she has reformed and attained the dignity and reserve of a proper librarian. Enchanting Stevie Rose is a spanker's dream girl, from her scrumptious proportions to her exquisite face to her adorable submissiveness. She feels her spanking and reacts to it just the way a good girl who has been naughty should. Eve is in top form managing her voluptuous subordinate, through the power of spanking discipline.

Running time: 73 minutes.

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