Red Butts Matter

$ 19.95

The Good Cop Bad Cop Rebooty
Starring Clare Fonda, Steve Fuller
and Dee Williams

All all-hand spanking tour-de-force with full nudity reunites the hottest power trio in the scene!

Long time partners, Officers Bookman (Steve Fuller) and Verdana (Clare Fonda) are assigned to protect a witness, (Dee Williams). At the safe house, Verdana notices something familiar about the blonde in custody, though she’s radically changed her look, in the 14 years since they met. Alone with her charge, Verdana attempts to strip search Dee, but her frisky prisoner remembers Verdana too, and isn’t about to let herself be woman-handled by her the rogue cop again. Detective Bookman enters to find a nude Verdana being spanked by Dee! Furious at the bizarre turn of affairs, Bookman spanks both women soundly, warning them to stay inside the house and not attract attention. Yet later that day, he finds them defiantly cavorting nude in the backyard pool! Turning them both under his arm, he spanks their wet bottoms, then marches them inside for a tandem punishment that leaves the luscious blondes chastened and glowing. 

(SLV-231d) Running time: 45 minutes.

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