Punished, Pleasured & Purged

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Starring DOLORES CORTEZ and RALPH MARVELL. The response to Shadow Lane's new style of more explicit spanking videos has been so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to produce our first spanking, dildo, anal discipline and enema tape. WHAT COULD BE MORE ROMANTIC THAN STRICT SPANKING AND INVASIVE ANAL DISCIPLINE? Incorrigible Dolores enlivens a visit to the city by engaging the services of Dr. Reed (Ralph Marvell) a practitioner of aversion therapy from the Braemar Clinic. As Dolores claims to be suffering from a severe case of sex addiction, Dr. Reed prescribes a strict treatment regimen consisting of: spanking, strapping, caning, digital penetration, temperature taking, anal spanking, dildo insertion and a syringe enema. Dolores submits to every phase of the punishment like the excitable girl that she is, obediently holding each position Dr. Reed arranges for her discipline and swiftly deriving the benefits thereof. Loaded with over the knee spanking, embarrassing exposure and masturbatory probing, PUNISHED, PLEASURED AND PURGED is a superb entertainment for all true spanking and anal devotees. Also a great tape to show a significant other who wishes to understand what makes us tick. Everything is real but in the best of taste.

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