Prep School Punishments

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Here's a spanking video beyond compare for beauty, wit, severity and charm. If you love Eve Howard's Shadow Lane stories you'll surely agree that this is the closest we've ever come to capturing the naughty and sophisticated attitude of Shadow Lane fiction on film. You'll discover Arthur Sire in a strict, new incarnation, sans all sweet talk and kissy face -- 100% disciplinarian and totally hot. The magnificently accomplished Clare Fonda has never been funnier than in this daring scenario of an amorous teacher who can't resist the senior boys and must pay the price when caught. Our newest discovery, Sierra Salem is a real Shadow Lane girl, just 18 years old, who started out as a customer and decided to give us the gift of filming her for the very first time. She's not only adorable but she can take a hell of a spanking. And last but not least, you'll delight in the performance of Steve Fuller, both as the stern detention room teacher who practically wears his arm out in attempting to tame his most rebellious girl student but also as the initially clueless but eventually wildly jealous boyfriend of Clare, who blithely spreads herself thin between all the handsome men and boys at Braemar Prep. Prep School Punishments from Shadow Lane is a true spanking situational comedy with action so vibrant and sharp that you'll find yourself rewinding and watching your favorite moments again and again, cackling with glee at the humor and thrilling to the serious corrections administered by two of the best looking men in our scene to two of the prettiest and most mischievous young ladies. Act 1: The Truth Hurts Faculty Administrator Claude Cameron (Arthur Sire) takes instructress Laura Lennox (Clare Fonda) sternly to task for seducing the senior boys at Braemar Prep in a wonderfully witty, provocatively sexy and extremely stringent over the knee spanking scene. Seeing that Miss Lennox is far from contrite, Mr. Cameron follows up with a vigorous bare bottom strapping. The fact that the two have been lovers adds an edge of erotic excitement to a punishment session with enough energy to blow the roof off. Act 2: Detention Mr. Woodward (Steve Fuller) is far from satisfied by the attitude of young Melissa Miller (Sierra Salem) as she does detention in his classroom. A long, hard, bare bottom spanking improves her manners. Act 3 Love is a Pain in the Butt Mr. Woodward discovers that his sweetheart Laura has allowed Mr. Cameron to leave her with a sore and rosy bottom. Outraged, Mr. Woodward turns Laura over his knee to communicate his righteous indignation in a fantastic spanking scene of extreme severity and deliciously comic dialog. Running time: 45 minutes.

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