Playing by Myself Vol. 1

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Starring Sybil Hawthorne.

Introducing an intimate new series devoted to self-spanking and female self-pleasuring.

Not everyone has a spanking playmate, but the urge to experiment with spanking sensations is strong. Sometimes the only recourse is to play by one's self. Which of course can very often lead to playing WITH one's self as well. This series focuses on creative female spanking enthusiasts who have mastered the art of self-spanking for their own enjoyment. They share with the viewer their own personal spanking and masturbation fantasies as they demonstrate the most practical positions and techniques for waking up one's own erogenous zones through spanking and self manipulation.

Over the years many of our performers have confided to us that their first spanking experiences were self-spanking experiences. Private play has its own requirements. But pulling up the clothes and down the panties is key to any journey of auto-eroticism. Special toys are also necessary, both of the spanking and the sexual variety. The women we have chosen for our new how-to series, have all enjoyed a great deal of spanking experience and are articulate enough to share their interesting revelations about the scene, and particularly about being submissive, with us. In certain cases they are models and actresses who have appeared in a wide range of extreme fetish entertainment, enduring rigorous training as a 'bottom' with other companies or in B&D clubs. In other words, they are some of the most adventurous women you will ever meet and also the most spankable.

When a girl has the luxury of time for her self-spanking session, she can peel off every garment and discipline herself with her favorite toys in the most spread and exposed positions. This tends to cause throbbing, longing and lubricity, at which point masturbatory aids are generally placed close to hand. In Volume One of our new series, the beautiful Sybil Hawthorne finishes her afternoon idyll with both a vibrating wand and a large sized phallus.

Our new 'Playing By Myself' Series provides a soft, intimate spanking viewing option to solo girl fans as well as anyone interested in the concept of creative self-spanking and female self-pleasuring. Every girl in this series loves the idea of sharing her inner thoughts, spanking tips and tricks with like-minded viewers. So share some private time with Sybil Hawthorne in Volume 1 of Playing By Myself.

Running time: 46 minutes.

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