Paddled to Perfection

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Paddled to Perfection Starring Rucca Page, Cheyenne Jewel and Steve Fuller.

Girl spanks girl, nude girl spanks girl, boy spanks girls, double Spanking and pajama spanking. Girl jock Cheyenne is the protege of her college softball coach, Rucca, who in turn is the pet (and pet peeve) of her own superior, faculty administrator Steve Fuller. Every time Cheyenne screws up by missing a practice or phoning in a game, Rucca must answer to Steve, who keeps an especially sharp eye on scholarship girls like Cheyenne, who receive so many benefits based on their performance potential.

One morning Steve comes over to Rucca's house to rate her about Cheyenne's less than impressive showing that week. Rucca is stubborn and resists criticism until Steve pulls the sloe-eyed brunette up sharply with a good, sound, over the knee spanking, beginning on her skirt and quickly progressing to the seat of her panties and pantyhose. Luscious Rucca tries to bear her spanking stoically but Mr. Fuller's hand is very hard and the pantyhose makes the discipline sting even more. By the time Mr. Fuller pulls Rucca's pantyhose down to bare her stunning bottom, it is already well marked.

Cheyenne sashays in wearing the cutest and skimpiest gym clothes ever and is immediately subjected to a torrent of criticism from her coach's mentor. Not only that, but she too gets spanked, over Mr. Fuller's knee, first across the seat of her tiny camo shorts, then on her innocent little white cotton panties, and finally on the trim, toned cheeks of her well exercised backside, until there are blushing like pink carnations. Cheyenne takes her spanking like a girl jock should, with a degree of stubbornness tempered with involuntary whimpers, kicks and pouts. But the bottom line is she knows she has it coming and take her punishment she must.

The next morning, still feeling her severe spanking from Mr. Fuller, Rucca takes Cheyenne sternly to task for getting her into such deep trouble with their mutual patron. Both young women are clad in provocative lingerie that displays their very different, but equally beautiful forms, to extreme advantage. Rucca not only complains of still bearing the marks of her corporal punishment session over Mr. Fuller's knee, but demands satisfaction from the younger girl, who lives in her home and even draws a generous allowance from her. In short, Rucca decides that she will assert herself over her girl Cheyenne by drawing her across her own bare things and spanking her.

Since this is the first spanking Rucca has ever given in her entire life, it takes her several minutes to warm to her work and feel comfortable swinging her palm against Cheyenne's athletically resilient bottom. But as she spanks the rebellious Cheyenne harder and fast, Rucca begins to vibrate with dominant energy and womanly fire. Suddenly she realizes it feels good to express her irritation with her young friend in this manner. To apply domestic discipline properly is to furnish a young person with guidance and love. Growing warm with her efforts to correct her protegee's recalcitrance, Rucca finds it absolutely necessary to remove her lacy bra. On her maiden voyage as a spanker, the charming Rucca employs hand and hairbrush and a solid pink wooden paddle to tame little hard body Cheyenne.

In the final scene, after winning the game, the girls come home and party, getting ripped and indulging in a pillow fight that creates a perfect blizzard of feathers in the house. Mr. Fuller walks in to congratulate the girls on their triumph, but is not amused by the carrying on he is witnessing. Realizing that Rucca has allowed Cheyenne to drink alcohol, Mr. Fuller once again becomes the strict authority figure to both girls, administering to them a double spanking, with two across his lap at once.

Then he puts them side by side, with their pink pajamas bottoms pulled down and causing them to thrust their reddened cheeks out, continues to belabor their glowing globes with additional open-handed discipline, until both young ladies are wriggling their hips, kicking their legs and screaming their heads off in shock and pain. These "owies" last a long time before Mr. Fuller is satisfied that his two sports brats have been properly punished for breaking training, which means a tandem tanning that delivers a truly memorable lesson.

Steve Fuller is one of our most popular and frequently requested male spankers. His exasperated scolding and no-nonsense style of administering corporal punishment is just what a bad girl needs to feel lovingly dominated and caringly disciplined. Rucca Page is a sensuous and seductively voluptuous young woman who has worked with us on some of our most erotic projects. She is sensitive to spanking and feels every swat like a girl who almost never gets spanked. But she's got so much heart and enjoys playing so much that she bravely and gamely took a spanking in this video that left her burnished with marks for a week. Rucca also learned to spank another woman in this video and by the end of her lesson, wound up loving being on top. This adorable brunette is a joy to expose. Cheyenne Jewel made her Shadow Lane debut last year and we're sure she will be back to film with us many times. She's a well trained and daring submissive whose perfect body and lively, fully-engaged intelligence combines to form an ideal spanking model. From the way she flips her silken hair to the light in her expressive eyes to the feminine curves of her athletic young body, Cheyenne is the babe to watch during the 21st century's teens.

Running time: 44 minutes.

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