Paddled & Penetrated

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Starring Gemini and Tom Bryon. Thrill to a severe spanking, paddling, stropping, caning and butt plug discipline video with a male on the receiving end! Gemini is the strict Librarian who exacts justice from casual readers who fail to return their library books. Tom has kept ten books out, among them, Harriet Marwood, Governess. Taking her cue from that famous dominant heroine, The strict, British Librarian spanks Tom to a turn, paddles him, straps him, bends him over and humiliatingly forces a plug into his bottom and then continues with hard discipline, including a smart caning, until he is thoroughly sore, red, filled and embarrassed. Tom is then stood to face the wall and ponder his crime and punishment.

This is a severe spanking scenario with the kind of reprimands that only an English woman is capable of administering. Gemini scolds, spanks and penetrates with laser beam accuracy. We have never produced a male submissive video this explicitly erotic, (what with the plug that keeps popping out and keeps getting shoved back in), but make no mistake, it is a punishment video. You will grin at the clever ways in which The Librarian gives the still insolently boyish Tom Byron exactly what he deserves, in the most humiliating possible way.

Running time: 36 minutes.

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