Naughty Secretaries Week

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Act One Starring Catherine Beaumont and Keith Jones. Voluptuous, blonde, 22 year old Catherine Beaumont plays a secretary who can't keep her mind on her work. Keith Jones has the solution. Lots of hard, over-the-knee spanking with the hairbrush in this scene. Act Two Starring Agnes Grey and Vincent Calabrisi. Rival advertising executives Axel and Penny can't seem to get along. Penny keeps stealing his leads and this makes Axel mad. Finally Axel decides to take matters into his own hands and spank some ethics into his pretty associate. Scene concludes with an intense strapping that leaves Penny sobbing her heart out. This is one of the three Shadow Lane tapes in which an actress produces real tears, the other two being: Blue Denim (SLV-025d) where Chelsea weeps from her cropping across the hobby horse and the second half of Double Feature #2 (SLV-030d), where Sandy cries from the strapping given to her by Ralph Marvell. Some people seem to think that a spanking isn't really effective unless it makes someone cry. But sophisticated viewers will understand that it is practically impossible to elicit such a genuinely emotional response in the course of an ordinary video shoot. The fact that we've only achieved this three times in all the titles we've produced is a testament to the rareness of such a reaction. It is interesting to note that the three women who gave so much of themselves in the tapes mentioned above are all real spanking people and not just ordinary models.

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