Lipstick Lesbian Spank

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A passionate and emotional girl spanks girl video from Shadow Lane starring Snow Mercy as Josette and Nikki Rouge as Petra.

Act One: Strawberry blonde Petra (Nikki) has just seen her stunningly statuesque brunette girlfriend Josette (Snow) at a coffee shop flirting with the cute female barrista. Petra accuses Josette of breaking the rules of their relationship and demands that her beloved accept the punishment they have decided upon between them for such offences. Josette protests her innocence but Petra noticed Josette exchanging phone numbers with the girl. Josette realizes she is busted and agrees to submit to a spanking from the lissome Petra. During the spanking, Josette is stripped down to her lingerie and has her bottom fully bared for an extremely hard spanking from her indignant sweetheart.

Act Two: The following week, Josette sees Petra taking a cute rock and roll boy into The Pleasure Chest sex toy store. Petra has a well known weakness for Hollywood runaways, especially the pretty ones. Josette follows them and sees Petra disappear into a nearby party house with the boy. Josette spanks Petra for a long time in search of the truth of what happened inside that house, first across her lap with her hand, then making her kneel on all fours with her bare bottom thrust up for the paddle. Petra ends up nude over Josette's knee for the conclusion of her punishment. In this thrillingly emotional scene, the young women express lust, jealousy and caring for each other in the most lovable way, the spanking way

Running time 50 minutes.

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